Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My thoughts on President Hinkley

I was thinking about last Sunday in Primary and how cute the kids were. Mathew Jones made the very best 'frowney' face in the Smiley Face song. I couldn't stop smiling my self. I sat with the Sunbeams while Katy went to SS with Josh. Olivia and Connor are the cutest 2 Sunbeams I've ever seen. Oh, and I can't even describe how cute Conner was when we played Spotlight- (She was the Spotlight! And she didn't Know!). My own CTR's are the best ever though. They really want to do well and answer questions and most want to contribute. I have a couple who are still shy- and that's ok too. Right now I get the biggest kick out of Jackson. He never has enough time to finish any coloring project. I Love his imagination and creativity.

When I heard of the passing of dear President Hinkley, I thought about how he said his calling was no different than any other in the church. He said this many times over the years. Callings differ in responsibility but they are all important. I never thought about the limitations of his calling until recently. I'm sure it was almost impossible to take a walk in Salt Lake without interruption. I had read that he was confined to his room at the hospital during one stay because of the multitude of well wishers. He wouldn't be able to teach Gospel Essentials, or Gospel Doctrine. I wonder how often he could attend church as a 'regular' member without a speaking assignment.

Often these days we hear that we should 'think outside the box' or 'take it to the next level'. President Hinkley was called to develop the church media department. That isn't quite right- but something like that. They wanted someone in charge of developing good media involvement. Know what I mean? Anyway- you know how large a department that is today, and how technically forward thinking they are. Pres. Hinkley opened his office with a telephone, a typewriter, a desk, chair, (lamp from home?)- and a ream of paper. When he asked the supply people for a ream of typing paper, they asked if he knew how many sheets of paper were in a ream. Oh, and I think he had to put something under the corner of the desk because it tilted. What can we do with our ream of paper? What ARE we doing with our ream of paper?

And finally, Ray mentioned in his blog about the sweet words from Pres. Hinkley about his wife- 'the women of his dreams'. How could that not warm your heart? Do you say kind and loving words to your spouse? Do they REALLY know how dear they are to you? What about your children? family? neighbors? those who serve with you?

I remember President Benson, and a little of Pres. Kimball. I shook Pres. Hunters hand. Somehow, I don't know why, maybe because he served so long, or maybe I'm just older and notice more personal things about him, but I feel a special affinity toward Pres Hinkley that I didn't with the others.

All he wanted to do was serve. The Lord knew it. There is a lesson there.