Monday, June 22, 2009

Allrighty then- - - -

So, what a week. Every one is busy and out of trouble at the moment. That's always good.

Just a couple of tidbits.
Some of the fish we bought Bari for Father's Day died before he could see them (we were in Lexington). He looked in the aquarium when we got home and said ' Oh, you got me dead fish for Father's Day'. But not just that! We also found him a couple of fish with hearts (yes- HEARTS) on their side. It looks like someone Magic Markered them. THEY didn't die. (Yea for us!).

Our new (old) washer broke at the end of last week. He is on the way home now- Bari had to take it to Bethel for the repairman to see. At least it didn't cost us anything- it was a hose. (Yea for Us!).

This weekend is Madeline's last dance competition. It is in Mason, at the High School and there is no charge. So, if you are looking for cheap entertainment (and air conditioning)- she's dancing.
The schedule has her at 5 and 5:30 friday, and on Saturday at 9:30, 10:30 and12:30. Then in the evening at 7 and 8pm. Let me know and I'll get you the titles of the songs, so you know what to look for.

So, she has dance this weekend, her first Girls camp on Tuesday (through Saturday). Williams blessing on Sunday, Dance camp on Monday for a week. And another dance camp in August. Good thing she likes to keep busy. (Yea for Madeline!!)

Work is still going well. There are bumps in the road at times, but not too often, and the boss seems to like me, so that helps. It is all production right now. I cut probably 30-40 wood frames today. It wasn't too bad. The warehouse where the saws are, is hot, but we have fans. I really don't mind. (Yea for ME!)

Get the word out OUT!!! Bari is pulling away from the studio where he has been working for 13 years-- we are willing, anxious and very able to pick up ANY photography work -freelance. Wedding, even familys and Seniors (later in the summer- early fall). (We can do weddings anytime). So - - - at work- family friends whoever- we are ready for business. Check out the updated website - still in the process- but it's lookin pretty good. Yea!!!!!