Saturday, January 5, 2008

Odds and ends- - - -

More odds and ends-- I think about what I could write almost every day- but rarely ever do. I think that most of the stuff isn't very interesting, and the rest I just forget about. Hmmmm-- I wonder if my husband knows I'm so boring.
OK- here is a little catch up. New Years Day we were pretty busy. Between Bari and I and a couple of calls to a support team, we were able to get the faucets in the bathtub working. Before you send up the fireworks, I should say that the shower still isn't hooked up. I have no Idea when that will come to pass. BUT- keep in mind that I take baths - not showers-. (So I don't really care). We also were able to temperarily fix the kitchen sink faucet. That will also need to be replaced, but that is a money issue. We'll see. Oh, we also raked the back yard (yes, New Years morning)- that wasn't too bad. So, we've come out of 2007 and started into 2008 pretty well. Add to all of this - my husband and son were able to give some service for an AWSOME couple, clean out our own gutters (Madeline was starting to experience water damage in her room----) and our (Bari and I) service Saturday night cleaning the chapel----It really feels good to get so much done.
Now- on to the Katy news. She and Josh have changed their wedding date 3 times because of reception hall challenges. I think they finally have everything straightened out, and will have the wedding in APRIL-- - - -April 26. That is 6 weeks earlier than they originally planned. And 6 week less time for me to paint their invitations. Hmmmmm- Bari has 2 Proms that night too--so we'll see how all of this works out.
I think that's about all. Love you all---
OH! I forgot to say that I really loved the Primary Activity this morning. It was really fun and I think the kids had a great time too. Kudos to the Presidency!!!!!
Love you ALL!!!!!!!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years

Thanks to those who asked about me on Sunday. Bari told me that a couple of you noticed that I wasn't at church. I had a pretty bad headache and decided to stay home. A rare choice for me. I was able to take a NAP ( a short sleep in the middle of the day- for those of you who don't indulge in this practice). And (I know- sacrilege-) I watched the football game and stayed in my ROBE until after 5pm when I took a LONG bath. I went to bed at 9:30 or so, read until 10:30 - got up at 11 when Bari came to bed and SNORED- stayed up till about 1:30am. Good thing I took that nap.
Really, thanks for asking about me, it really means a lot. I was a member of another ward for over 13 years and when we were moving, there was a lunch for me (lets meet at a restaurant kind of thing)- and 2 women showed up. I know more than that cared about me throughout the years, but it made me a little sad. So, when someone notices that I'm not there, it really does mean quite a lot to me.
I think the holidays finally caught up with me, and that's one reason I didn't feel very well.
I forgot to share a cute Sammy story. Christmas morning we were all sitting around the tree, before any presents were handed out. Sammy was just beside himself- he said," We should have a prayer!" Katy agreed and told him that since it was his idea, he should give it, and with some encouraging, this was his prayer," Heavenly Father, thank you for Christmas and for Jesus. Thank you Jesus for sending Santa Clause to bring us all of these presents!" ---Well, we're getting there!
Have a safe and happy new years. We will be fixing the pluming in the bathroom tub/shower tonight. Some of you might get a desperate call for help!!!!