Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday - week 2

So, I am still trying to get into my head that writing every week is going to be good for me. Does this really replace a traditional journal? That doesn't seem right. You can't really store this like you can a book. Then again, how many books do I have that are only written until June or July of that year?

 This week was ok. Madeline's knee is getting better. We even bought her toe shoes on Saturday, and she took her first pointe class for this year, on Monday. Her ballet teacher said she did very well for not dancing (pointe) the last 9 months. Infact, she did even better than a couple of girls who had danced all year last year, on pointe. So, that's good. And (most importantly) the shoes weren't as expensive as I had thought. Man, she really does love dance.

We got a call from one of Sam's teachers today. Homework has been a struggle for quite some time. And honestly, I am pretty exhausted when I come home, and Homework is the last thing I want to deal with. So, I have been working with him, but not pushing or challenging him as much as I should. So, today, (like I said) his teacher called and said that (bluntly) if he didn't immediately start getting things in order, he would not pass 6th grade. Yea, great. He is really smart, but he is stubborn too. Bari (thank heaven's) has taken the bull by the horns, and made Sam sit (with a break for dinner of course) and finish/catch up home work for 4 hours tonight. It was a struggle, but he did pretty well. My concern is that when we have a day when Bari and I have wedding meetings, it will be a challenge to have him finish his work correctly with out us there.

 Speaking of Sam, he became a Deacon on Sunday with Bari Ray doing the ordination. That probably isn't the correct explanation, but most of you know what I mean. Anyway, it was really nice to see the brothers giving and receiving blessings with (step)Dad, and Brother-in-Law in the circle. Katy and I cried, it was very moving. That was another family moment that Joey missed that he will never get the chance to see. That makes me sad.

What else?

We ran up to Clyde/Fremont Sunday night for an event. I took off work on Monday (SURPRISE) and had a nice visit with my Mom. She is so funny. Bari even gave her an early Hallowe'en Card, and she was thrilled. Although Mom keeps busy (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree), I know there must be times she is just lonely. A last minute visit on a Monday was a great thing for both of us. And even though Bari is Swamped with production work, he didn't mind the longer-than-we-thought visit. I have such a great husband!

Katy called today, the boys had their checkup. Grant is a whopping 12lbs, and Henry is over 10 -maybe even 10 1/2 lbs. They were sooo cute on Sunday. William was a hoot.

I barely see Bari Ray. He is deep into classes at the University, and work. He is working tonight, I think he is keeping it to about 4 hours a day during the week, and all day Saturday. Yea. Livin the good life!

So, that wasn't too bad. I will try again next week. As my mom would say- "we'll just see what happens!."