Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie - Julia

Madeline and I just got home from seeing the movie "Julie, Julia". It is about a woman struggling with her place in life ( difficult job/ turning 30 / moving to a new-not so great home) and setting a goal of cooking her way through Julia Child's cook book.

It was really great. Of course I love everything Meryl Streep is in. But this was really good. Both women were really strong role models (well, at least Julia Child was). They certainly had passion for their love of cooking. They were supported by unbelievably wonderful men (if I didn't have one like this in my life- I don't know if I would have believed it).

It really makes me think. Watching it with Madeline made me even more aware of the messages in the movie. Besides "lobsta-killa" (joke in the move)- there were very moving messages about true love- love of passion and support, best friends. It was, like I said, a movie about strong women who persevered through discouragement and change, to see their passion come to reality.

I told Madeline that when ever (in MANY years) she thinks she is in a serious relationship, she needs to think of Paul, Julia's husband. He was a saint. I also told Madeline that passion for SOMETHING is important. I told her that was why it is important that Bari leaves his studio to photograph for us full time. His passion/creativity is being crushed where he is.

Passion can come from anything. It doesn't have to be a job where you go to work everyday.
It can be seeing neatly folded clothes in a drawer, beautiful nutritious dinner on the table. Thank heavens I married a domestic goddess- the whole housekeeping thing is very old- as well as cooking dinner every night. I do find passion in helping my husband. I feed off of his creativity. And I love my job. Thank heavens, because I need to stay there another couple of years until the photography bus keeps us both busy full time.

Anyway, grab a girlfriend (or husband if he's willing- he might enjoy it)- and go see the movie. It would be a good movie night for the girls. (I would suggest 14+ - Madeline did ok- but generally, it was a bit mature).

And - bon appetite!