Tuesday, October 23, 2007

take your pick...

Take your pick, I'm either A: the mean Mom, B: too uptight for my own good, or C: Just Too Old.
I was at the cub scout pack meeting tonight (or was it a Den meeting? I always get those confused), ANY way- there were many little boys running around the church. Several wore hats (one was a cub hat-very cute). There was some name/game boy stuff going on. And, my son was doing (I think) summersaults in the Primary room. Now - let there be NO misunderstanding. Our Sisters were in charge of both the Fairfield Ward boys and the Hamilton boys. They had a 'down on the farm' theme. It was FABULOUS !!!! The boys loved it, (all the stations) - they moved from room to room well, and were in control. If the boys got loud, or distracted, the sisters got their attention back. Like I said, it went really well.
So, I'm sure I'm the Mean Mom. I stopped 2-3 boys in the hallway that were not just running, but all-out sprinting, and told them to not run and reminded them where they were. (These were not our boys). I wanted the boys with the hats to take them off inside the church building (the boy with the cub hat did for a while)- again, these were not our boys.
I must be Old School (oooh- choice D). I think we have gotten lax in our treatment of the building, how we dress and how we act when we are there. I don't think we need to wear dresses or skirts every time we enter. But I think the sloppy sports shorts, and pajama bottoms are not appropriate. (and yes- I'm fully aware my daughter wore gouchos on Sunday). I don't mind running and sports in the building if it is in the gym. Tonight with the cubs would be the exception for that, and it was very controlled.
So, are we raising the bar? Isn't that what we've been asked to do?

Do I have a conclusion? Nope, I'm just old, and old school, and up tight, and just a Mean Mom.
And thanks for letting every one of my multiple personalities vent for a while.

Tonight really was a nice night for the boys. Karlin, Heather, and Leslie did a really great job- and I appreciate all they do to help my boy succeed in scouting.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sister Beck

I missed Sister Beck's General Conference talk a couple of Sunday's ago. With all the discussion, I knew I needed to read it for myself. At the Gen'l Women's Conference, I was totally impressed with her direction for the sisters. She spoke with a women's perspective and with power.
This evening I finally had the chance to read her Gen'l Conf talk. I had already heard quite a lot of it this last week in Sacrament. It was as powerful as the first.
I'm a working mom. I don't know exactly how many sisters who read this work full time. I put in anywhere from 34 to 40 hours a week. It is not unknown for me to work 40+ hours - even up to 50 in a week. I don't want to offend anyone. I'm just writing my own thoughts and perceptions for my own life. Anyway, you get the idea, I work a lot outside the home. I don't want to work so much, but right now, it is a necessary evil. If Bari and I had started our lives together earlier, right after college, we wouldn't have the challenges we have now. I wouldn't need to work as much. So, here I am - with a RS Gen'l Pres saying, - you can do this ! And this is all you have to do-and then she lists everything I have ever heard that families should strive to do to stay strong and focused. Ok. In reading the list I came to one conclusion, I don't have time. Literally, there is not enough time for me to accomplish everything that is on my plate. Many of you know (it's been pretty obvious) that I've been a little down lately. I've really felt the guilt for everything that moves on earth. You know the feeling. Well, after hearing the talks from this exemplary sister, -and knowing I CAN'T ACCOMPLISH THIS- something amazing and suprising happened. I didn't feel bad anymore. I know I'm doing what I should, I know I'm doing the best I can. Am I doing the 'very best' ? Yes, sometimes I am. It might not be as good as someone elses "very best'- but it's mine. I do need to dig deeper, have more meaningful Family Nights, organize my family better. All those things that I was a little annoyed that no one else prepared, or organized, I found out were MY responcibilities all a long. I just needed to SUCK IT UP !!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

more about me

Well, I haven't given my list of likes and dislikes or I Hate-and-I Love List. First, I doubt anyone really cares, but I haven't written since last week and I need to say something---so here goes.

I hate- I really Hate, shopping carts that are in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store. Just move it over lady!!!!

I hate stupid drivers- now this sub list could go on for a while. I hate the lack of turn signals, driving slow in the fast lane, and pulling up close to my car (looking like you want to pass) - I move to the slow lane- only to have you just sit there -in the fast lane-Not Passing!Arg! But this is the WORST- And I don't know how to even explain how Cincinnati-ans have this problem (and it is a problem believe me!). I drive Cross County Hwy everyday sometimes more than once a day, there are hills on this road. I can't believe how many cars don't speed up going UP the hills! I'll set my cruise control and lots of cars will pass me going down the hills- then block the fast lane when the road goes back UP the hill !!!!

Enough of cars- I hate getting the ice cream container out of the freezer- only to find Less Than A Scoop of creamy goodness left! I shouldn't even say scoop- spoon full would be more like it.

I dislike having to work on my day off (tomorrow). But I like helping out and being a team player for my boss. (Who- I hope- will buy me lunch tomorrow).

I love seeing my kids dressed up for Halloween and having fun. Your only a kid once-

I love hearing Sam and Madeline singing together in the back seat of my car. They sound so Good!

I love seeing my children make good decisions with what ever they do.

I love spending time with my Mom, in the hometown where I grew up.

I love any time I get to spend with my sweetheart (except right after I find empty ice cream containers !).

I love sisters who blog and share a piece of their lives with us. Spiritual moments, family moments, jokes and treasures. Thank you.

ps-Sisters and Ray!!!