Friday, May 14, 2010

28 3/7 weeks!

Well Katy had some ups and some downs this week. It is fabulous that she is well into her 28th week (29 on Tuesday). They were originally hoping for 32 weeks, then it seemed like she would never make it 26 weeks. So, she is relieved that the babies are staying put. 

   Her kidneys are functioning well. They would like better numbers from her, but that probably won't happen until she delivers. Since I haven't been with Katy when she has been to see the kidney specialist, I don't know what they are testing for, except "kidney function". So, to give you an idea of where she was when she got to the hospital a month ago - she was a '14', now she is a '7' (better- yes?) well, normal on this test is a '.3'.  A  -  Point Three- not just a three. Hmmm. Better is relative I guess.

The other not so good news she got, was that the family who have been watching William are going on vacation at the end of next week. They will be gone for a month. Yea, we are a bit frantic trying to keep Katy calm about the whole thing. Bari and I will try to take him one day a week, we are hoping his (Bari's) sis and mom will pick up a day. Josh's parents said they will take 2. It wouldn't be so hard if Will wasn't allergic to cats.

   Nothing like a little family drama during times of stress. My oldest son seems to thrive on that. Needless to say, he has continued to bring me gray hair and hot flashes.  (I tend to get hot flashes when I am emotional- upset or verge of tears). 

  So, another- normal- busy- crazy week for us. Nightly visits to the hospital, or wedding meetings or work. Gee I believe I am having a flash now - - - -