Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 blogs in one day- - - this is good news

Two blogs today. Aren't you excited?

Well, this is news. I had a job offer today. Was I looking for another job? Kind of. Is this a surprise? Well, yes it is.

Last Thursday I was on Craig's List looking for something for Joey, and this Picture Framing job kept coming up. It sounded intriguing, so I sent an e-mail in response. The next day I received a call from someone I had met before I went to work for Ff. This person didn't hire me for his retail framing shop (although I would have been great there). Anyway. He called NOT because of my email- he called because he had hired one of my assistants from Kenwood and she recommended me- AND because he knew who I was and had always REGRETTED not hiring me before. Weird. So I told him about my response and we set up a time to meet.

We met for an hour and a half this morning. It is better money (a little more than I was earning BEFORE my pay cut), extra $$$ to be used for Health Care, vacation and holiday pay, and ( I can't BELIEVE THIS!) it is Monday through Friday - - - - -No SATURDAYS!!!!- - - . I don't think I have EVER had a job that I didn't work some Saturdays. Wow. - - - - I mean - -- Wow. It really seems like a nice environment to work in. I'm really excited.

So, now comes the hard part. I have to tell my boss tomorrow. I hope he doesn't cry.

My sister - - -

When I was growing up, my older sister Ellen and I were best friends. In fact, we were so close we were called 'the twins'.

This week I was walking through Kroger- just an average day doing average things - and it hit me. Somewhere, my sister was also doing mundane average things too. Somewhere she was shopping for groceries, picking up her mail, driving to work listening to the traffic report on the radio. I'm not really sure where she is.

Also this week I started thinking about a friend of mine who's sister had passed away 5 years ago, sometime around this time of year. It was a surprise, a tragedy for the family. I never knew the sister. But I do know how much she is loved and missed.

My sister is here- somewhere in Michigan- I think. She isn't talking to the family. Or my mom. It is a tragedy for my family. As hard as this is - we (my brother and older sis) and I have come to realize that this is her choice- not ours. She has to live with her choice. Unfortunately, we also have to live with her choices - even more so because it all involves my mom.

My friends sister will not return to this earth. I cannot imagine the feeling of loss - as a sister or as a mother. My heart weeps for them.

I miss my sister. I am in mourning for her friendship. I will always love her.