Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well - nothing ever seems to stay the same around here - - -

So, where to begin, where to begin.
First off, I'm pretty proud of myself. This was the 3rd day that I drank water (not pop, juice, or 'other') all day. There are some qualifications. It has to be ICE COLD water- WITH ice cubes floating in it. I have successfully overcome this constant need by - ta-da - - -taking a large (1 liter) bottle, filling 2/3 with water and putting it in the freezer. I let it partially freeze, then squeeze the sides so the frozen part breaks loose from the bottle and TA-DA!!!! ice cold water with wonderful floating ice pieces in it! (Wow, a whole paragraph on ice water- I must be desperate).

News on Katy, as of 12:01 am Friday February 27, there is no baby boy. She is complaining of contractions (Braxton/Hicks- false labor), and being tired of being pregnant. Today she actually felt more cramping, and overall pain in her back, etc. It all stopped within a half hour or so. Sounds like this little boy may be here before the 10th after all. Her nursery is done and very cute. She had a couple of Showers over the weekend. It was really nice.

Joey ruined my day off on Wednesday. Yep. I had one of those elusive days off during the week. And he totally screwed up my day. I won't go into details ( at least not like the Ice water paragraph ). He went to see his parole officer, she didn't like some things that he had said, and had been doing. So she had him arrested for parole violations. I can live with that. But, Joey's girlfriend was not prepared for it, and was not handling it well at all. In the end, someone else (not me, or the girlfriend) bailed him out. It was a long ordeal. However. I got a promising call tonight from him. Joey is trying to arrange things so he could go and live with his dad for a while. He called his dad (!) and asked him to find out about drug rehab classes and anger management classes. (!!!!). He is going to present all of this info to his parole officer on Monday and see if she will release him to attend classes in Allen Co. Wow- a GOOD decision for Joey. I am still in a wait and see mode, but at least he is trying to get out of Clermont Co and all the junk there.

Oh, I have been working on making costumes for one of Madeline's dances. It is the Flintstones. She is Dino, the other 2 jr tap girls are Baby Pus (the cat that puts Fred out at night) and Hoppy ( the kangaroo/dinosaur who watches Pebbles and Bam-Bam). The Sr. tap girls are the 4 main characters, and the 2 mini tappers are the kids. Needless to say, you can't order the 'pets' costumes on line, they have to be made. I was really worried about the tails, but it is finally working out pretty well. Their Mock Competition is March 7, so everything is supposed to be done by then. We'll see.

Well, there is always more news, but this is enough for now. I'm really tired, and I' better try to get some sleep (between the hot flashes and all)!!!!