Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 5 - - - - basic work/family

 Sooooo . . . . . . . week 5, not so bad.

As I was cutting and joining frames in the warehouse this afternoon, I had lots of time to think about what I wanted to blog about this week. And, as usual, many weird and amazing things came to mind.

Here are a few.

Sam. We have been diligently trying to get him caught up on his homework. It has been a momentous struggle. He is smart enough to know the answers on the papers, he just doesn't know why he has to do it. And he hates to write. So, like I said. It has been a struggle. One night, I think it was Thursday, he was up until 10:30. Now, he didn't do homework the whole time- infact, I don't think he really started until around 7, but still, it was horrible. Thank heavens we are finally in a new quarter, and have a fresh start. Tonight he got done by 7 and even got to watch a little TV. (And snuggle with Mom on the couch).

I want my kids in bed by 10. Usually this isn't a problem. I like my "quiet time". I can be a little cranky about it. 

Madeline. I am enjoying re-reading "The Hobbit". She hates it. She isn't into fantasy I guess. I was thinking about the first time I read it. I think I was about her age - 13 at the time. My family are avid readers. My sister has had a novel published. Yea, big into reading. I was raised a reader on Nancy Drew Mysteries. My sisters read them, and I couldn't wait until I was old enough. Now, "The Hobbit" doesn't have much appeal to this new generation. Even the Harry Potter series has to be bigger and more fantastic than the one before. Not to mention the films. Each Potter movie is more animated and fantastic than the last.

I still love reading. I love that you can make the book, the images, anything you want. I would rather read a really good novel, mystery, thriller, than watch a movie. And more so if the movie is made from a best selling book. Then again, that might have something to do with the fact that I live with a man who can turn the TV to any 007 Bond movie at any given part and name the movie, the main actors, what will happen next in the plot, and the band who recorded the film score.

I am the oldest person at my company. Sometimes this bothers me. Mostly because I don't think I am old. Or, Very old. Sometimes it bothers me because I do more. I am given more responsibilities. And then there are days I just physically work harder. Today was a day like that. It was just a hard day, and I'm tired. And I don't want to be tired. I don't think I should be tired.

Yesterday Katy, Josh and the boys came over for Trick-or-Treat. I made a couple of big pots of veggie soup, and we had a nice evening. Sam went with some friends. Madeline stayed home for a while, until a couple of girlfriends came over. 
  The most fun, of course, was William. He was dressed in his pumpkin suit, (as were the twins), and just ran around the neighborhood looking cute. He had no clue what was going on, but enjoyed every minute. I took a couple of pictures, when I have time to download, I will put them on the blog. It takes forever with this computer.

Our wedding on Saturday was nice. It was a full Catholic Mass at St Rose. St Rose is right on the river. There is a scale on the back of the church which shows where the water marks are from every major flood. This might have been the first full mass that Madeline has been to with me. These weddings last about an hour. Madeline couldn't believe it took so long to marry some one. But she was really helpful.

We are starting to make plans for Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite times of the year. I always loved getting together with family.

Sooooo.....It is now about 10:40. If I hurry, I will have enough time to read another chapter before I fall asleep.