Thursday, September 8, 2011

Field Trip to the Reds Ball Park

 My boss took us to the Reds offices today for a field trip. We do all the framing for the Reds baseball team. These 1st 2 pictures are from Bob Castelini's office (he's out of town). I framed the champagne bottles, and re-stained the shadowbox that has the base in it. (It was Ken Griffey Jr's 600 home to the Castelini's).

 On this wall were 3 pieces I framed for last years Gold Glove award winners. It is really fun to see my work on display (each of the players received their own framed piece, I made 3 copies of each...don't know where the others are).

 I do a lot of framing for Corporate sales. This is the Press Room. In here are examples of corporate sponsors (Kroger, Skyline...) items that were framed for example pieces. This way, the sales team can show new sponsors, what types of ways they can utilize their business within the ball park. I'm not explaining it very well. 

 This is the 700 WLW radio booth. Greg is sitting in Marty's chair. You can see Bill's legs on the left, in The Cowboy's chair. There was some artwork on the walls in there, even though it was a small area.

We didn't have any art work in the sports reporters area. This is for beat writers from all over, so the space is kept neutral.

 This wall was in the corporate suite.
After the tour, we had lunch at the Holy Grail across the street from the ball park. We have framed most of the pictures and sports items for that restaurant also.  So, it was a nice break from the norm.