Friday, October 12, 2007

The Witness

I had a couple of things happen lately that got me thinking. Well, before I start I think you should know something about me. You may or may not know about a weird obsession I have. I like to talk to people in the grocery store lines. I usually find something to say to the person behind me in line (much to the dismay of my children). Actually, (although I am rather shy about introducing myself to new people in the ward)- I will talk to complete strangers. This is what happened this week.
Next door to my store is a dry cleaner. The owner is James (I know this because I've seen his business card- not because I've actually introduced myself). Anyway, one day his door was open and I stuck my head in his store and said that I was worried about him because he works soooo many hours (even more than me). We talked a little while. He said he had a wife but no children and it didn't bother him to work so much. "Actually," he said," I like what I do, so it isn't a burden to work." He likes what he does, he works at a dry cleaners! I kept thinking about that over and over. I never expected anyone actually liking to work (at what I supposed was a boring job) at a dry cleaners. Then, a little later in the week, I had another interesting conversation. I was at Kroger (suprise there), and I started talking to the man behind me in line. He was dressed in brown and I (using all my Nancy Drew skills) assessed that he worked for UPS. Bari has been thinking about trying to work part time for them, so I thought I'd talk to this man about his experiences. He had been with them almost 21 years. Then he said "It's God's will that I'm with this company. When God moves me to something else, I'll go. It's God's will and you have to listen and move in that direction." I was suprised to hear his testimony right there in the Kroger line. I thought, "he was Witnessing to me. But he didn't know that I already know the truth."
I kept pondering these 2 conversations. James is at the dry cleaners and perfectly happy. God works on his life whether or not he knows it. The UPS guy knows God is working in his life everyday. I start wondering about my own life, am I listening? Am I moving toward what the Lord wants for me? I also absolutely loved how the UPS guy felt completely comfortable in confessing the relationship he has with the Lord. I love the 'witnessing' from all people who love Christ, LDS or not. I gives me hope and strength anytime I hear 'witnessing' of Christ.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Gifts come many ways----

I was reflecting on conference and the time I spent with my husband this weekend. Between sessions we went out to dinner, and even went to an art show in Hyde Park. It was really great to reconnect. Sat night we thought we'd watch a movie after conf, but who showed up, but the oldest daughter and friend to play uchre (sp). All the other kids were gone, and we thought we'd have the whole evening together ALONE. Well, it was fun anyway.
Sam and Madeline came back Sunday with huge pumpkins for the porch. I think they had an ok time with their dad and step-mom. It's aways hard to tell.
Anyway- about the title this time. It is a gift to spend time with someone you love. And sometimes it is a gift to be away from the people you love. Not just because they appreciate coming back after being away- but because it gives time to renew and rest from responsibilities. There is always the gift of hearing the general authorities speak. I can hardly wait until the conf. issue comes out. It is even a gift that our church believes in keeping current with technology. I am not a very deep spiritual thinker. I love all the little things (the things that probably don't mean much in the long run). I loved seeing Bro.Nelson hold on to Bro. Wirthlin. The commitment Bro Worthlin had in finishing his talk. I loved hearing that Pres Hinkley playfully tapped someone (where?) with his cane.
I don't know how to end this one, except with my testimony. How I love this church, I know I often fail to recognize all it has to offer me, all the gifts we can aquire.
I haven't written much this last week, I guess I didn't think I had anything much to say, but I want you all to know that I check each of your blogs at least once a day. You are often my strength, and I want you to know that although you don't write them, I can see and feel the testimonys that you share. God Lives and He Loves Us.