Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years

Thanks to those who asked about me on Sunday. Bari told me that a couple of you noticed that I wasn't at church. I had a pretty bad headache and decided to stay home. A rare choice for me. I was able to take a NAP ( a short sleep in the middle of the day- for those of you who don't indulge in this practice). And (I know- sacrilege-) I watched the football game and stayed in my ROBE until after 5pm when I took a LONG bath. I went to bed at 9:30 or so, read until 10:30 - got up at 11 when Bari came to bed and SNORED- stayed up till about 1:30am. Good thing I took that nap.
Really, thanks for asking about me, it really means a lot. I was a member of another ward for over 13 years and when we were moving, there was a lunch for me (lets meet at a restaurant kind of thing)- and 2 women showed up. I know more than that cared about me throughout the years, but it made me a little sad. So, when someone notices that I'm not there, it really does mean quite a lot to me.
I think the holidays finally caught up with me, and that's one reason I didn't feel very well.
I forgot to share a cute Sammy story. Christmas morning we were all sitting around the tree, before any presents were handed out. Sammy was just beside himself- he said," We should have a prayer!" Katy agreed and told him that since it was his idea, he should give it, and with some encouraging, this was his prayer," Heavenly Father, thank you for Christmas and for Jesus. Thank you Jesus for sending Santa Clause to bring us all of these presents!" ---Well, we're getting there!
Have a safe and happy new years. We will be fixing the pluming in the bathroom tub/shower tonight. Some of you might get a desperate call for help!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It was a Merry Christmas

All is well at the Cruze-Benroth household. We survived the day quite well. There were only a couple of minor meltdowns.
Christmas Eve was busy, we baked most of the day. Whoever said the Mom is the heart of the home wasn't kidding. There was more than once when I was surrounded by many children, all just following along. I made roll-out sugar cookies, Toll House with mini-M&M's, and Madeline baked her first cake. Later (much later- 1 or 2am) I finished the Pumpkin Roll I promised Katy, and some Snickerdoodles I promised Joey. Come to think about it, that was about the same time as my one and only meltdown. Anyway, I regress. Throughout the evening, Sam checked the computer on the NORAD tracking Santa. It is a real kick if you have little ones still in the house. At 10pm we read the Nativity story from Luke and then Bari asked who wanted to go and see the live nativity in Mt Healthy. The kids liked it. I was dissapointed at the behavior of some adults there. We got back home around 11 and sent Sam and Madeline right to bed. I finished baking and got to bed sometime around 3.
Christmas morning was fun. We woke all the left-over sleepy heads at 8:30. It was fun to see how excited the kids got when they shared their Secret Santa gifts with each other. At the end of all the presents, I was going to send the kids downstairs and then realized that I had forgotten to give Josh (the boyfriend) his gift. It was sitting in my bedroom because Madeline had started teasing him that I had gotten him a bird (or some pet) for Christmas. Bari, Katy and Madeline were all in on the joke. They ran to my room and kept whispering back and forth, 'don't hurt it! Don't shake the box!" When they finally brought it back out, Katy had punched holes in the box to make it look like there was something live in it. Josh was really suprized to find a double cd set of Harry Potter! (And I think a little relieved, too). We had all of us and 2 Elders for lunch. It was nice. I had gotten a Honey Baked Ham from work and was able to make a nice lunch with it. After all of that, we cleaned up the dishes and started building the corner desk Madeline had gotten. I took Joey back to Eastgate around 5, came back, finished the desk, put together Sam's Rock Drilling kit (I love Grandma's) and finally crashed at about 10:30.
I didn't have to work today. Our store was closed (we always stay closed the day after Christmas. Madeline has been waiting for friends to call all day. It is 5:15, I don't think it is going to happen. I was able to finish a watercolor painting of a house for one of my assistants. I wanted to give it to her before Christmas, but that didn't happen. I 'm really pretty happy with this one. I think it turned out well. My camera is broken at the moment, I'm hoping to get it fixed soon, so I can get a photo copy of it. Sam and Madeline have been fighting all day. Lovely.
I was just asked what we were having for dinner. I don't think it's going to be ham.
Love you all!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Well, my Christmas is finally beginning. Yesterday (Sat) was my last day of work until next Thursday. It's just the luck of the draw that I don't have to work New Years Eve.
I've been shopping with Bari the last 2 nights and it has been a bear. I know all about having Christmas be about more than gifts, BUT there are still gifts to be decided, found and bought. I did this with a stressed out, depressed spouse after I worked 60 hours this week. Lovely. Yes. We ate dinner in the car in the Loew's parking lot. (Actually, this was at my request-dark and quiet atmosphere was the goal). So, we had a great many hours together with thousands of other couples experiencing the same thing. It would be nice if Bari could TRY to enjoy shopping, for maybe just a store or 2. I understand the stress and depression of money at the holidays. I was a single mom for a couple of years. Now, I have never been excessive about gifts for any occasion, birthdays to christmas. But it is really hard with so many children and in-laws. Next year I'm sure we'll be done with ol'Santa, and I'm going to stress (EARLY) about gifts of the heart and service for others. I don't really think my mother-in-law would mind a day of free labor from my kids sometime, instead of another gardening trinket that she really doesn't need.
So- there, I feel a bit better having vented that to my sisters who I dearly love, and not my Eternal Companion who I love with all my heart and soul. I leave you -all with my testimony of my love of the Savior. He lives. He is my constant companion-wherever I may be. I will love Christmas Eve when we sit together with candles lit, and read the nativity story. I love that Christ walked the earth, just as we do, he had relationships, a job and trials, just as we do. I am grateful that he spent time here on earth being a Man, preparing to be a God. Just as we are.
I love you all. Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Funnier than words-

Have you seen this? I haven't tried to put any video clips on my blog yet- but this is worth the trial. Enjoy!
This was sent to me by one of the dance mom's at Madeline's dance studio. I'd love to find out who this woman is, and where she performs. It's the funniest thing I have seen is a while.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wait a minute. . . . . .

Wait a minute- for the record, I LOVE Primary. I have served as almost every teacher, and every leadership position. I already LOVE the kids we have. I'm just going to miss RS, that's all. In all these changes, I just didn't think I'd be leaving RS. BUT THAT'S OK ! Change is good. Growing and stretching, remember? it's good.

OK- Bari didn't get the part-time job he was counting on. I am disappointed. The grand plan was to work the part time job to the point where he could do just that and our weddings. The part time job has benefits, and he really needs to get out of the studio where he working now. Eventually, I would work only part time at the frame shop and also the wedding business. Like I said, it is disappointing.

I think I need to start ending each blog with something positive. I can get really depressed this time of year. The girls I work with laugh at me because I don't (with a passion) like to watch the Oprah, or Dr Phil shows where they give away all the stuff to the studio audience. Like I care. Why would I care? I'm bustin my buns (and feet and legs standing on concrete) working 40-50+ hours and still can't pay my bills, and get christmas for the kids---and they have free tickets for free stuff. I know call me Mrs Grinch.

So I'm going to end with something good- positive- uplifting.
I took some failed Turtle candy that Katy was trying to make (the caramel never set)- and made them into a yummy treat. That's positive Right? Is this better? I am grateful that I have children who love to try new things, even though they might not turn out. I am grateful that I have a warm house in the winter to protect my family, and although it isn't perfect- and I don't know how to make it perfect- it is ours. My family has a place to call home. A living room to put a tree in front of the window, beds to sleep in every night. I have a working computer to vent to my sisters, who love me even when I vent and am tired. Even though I don't always comment, I check your blogs every day. Your words and lives inspire me. I laugh and cry - sitting in my kitchen. I love you.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bits and Pieces-------

Thanks to all of you who have dropped by our wedding blog. Bari will put pics up periodically, so you might want to check now and then if that sort of thing interests you. We tried to figure out how to put up that ticker thing that Ray and Shayleen were talking about, but couldn't. Any help would be appreciated.
Lets see. I'm tired and frustrated that my husband and I work (sometimes terrible hours) all the time, and can't seem to get ahead. Today I went in at 7:20am and left at 7pm. I should do the same thing tomorrow, but I'll have to take the kids to school, and won't make it to work until about 9. It is a crazy time of year. I like what I do, and who I work with, I even like my boss, but I haven't gotten any raise the whole time I've been there (4 years), and my expenses keep going up. I try to keep all my blessings in mind, but the day to day really gets to me.
Well, the new calling. I'm really looking forward to teaching with my husband. We taught our group last Sunday, and it was really fun. The kids were great. I had a little withdrawl from RS, though. After telling everyone that I was good with leaving, I found out that I wasn't as ready as I thought I was. But, like I said before, after teaching the CTR's last week, I really enjoyed it. I am so impressed with all the sisters (and brothers) serving in the Primary. I wish I would have known how to use my camera phone, I would have a great pic of Shayleen in a Chef hat to post for all of you.
If anyone has the bookclub book I could borrow, I would appreciate that also. I know that it is available at the library, but I don't have time to go. Oh, Sylvia, I have your book. I took the wrong bag to church, I was going to return it Sunday. Thank you for letting me borrow it.
Bari found a blog (I don't know how- oh through his step brother)-ANYWAY----back to the point, Bari found a blog written by a woman he knew in high school. The woman has been diagnosed with multiple personalities. I was beginning to read through some of her entries, but didn't have time to finish. Stories like this make me think about how diverse our trials can be. I guess they are as different as we are.
All right, guess that's all for now. Welcome to the new sisters in th bloggin' neighborhood. Sometimes blogs can be just boring (sorry).-

Friday, December 7, 2007

Just a quick note....

Before I start the dishes and clean up the living room and anything else I need to do tonight, I wanted to write a quick blog. We are working on the wedding blog. Bari put pics on there last night, and I played with the colors tonight. I need some input (yes, Ray, from you too- I know you'll speak your mind)- on the choices on the blog. You can find it at cherryblossomdesign-photography.blogspot. I know there needs to be more info on us and our business, I am still working that out. Let me know what you think so far. - Added bonus, you get to see what an awsome photographer my husband is!!!
Thanks!----Oh- and PLEASE feel free to send any potential brides to the site, too!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Do me a favor------

I need someone to do me a favor if you could. This is not difficult and does not involve making any meals, watching my children, or fixing my doorbell (although that would be really really nice).
Bari and I are working on a new blog that will highlight our wedding photography business. I need someone to check to see if you can access it or not, and how you did it. It should be-
cherryblossomdesign.blogspot (you know the rest). If this doesn't work, then
cherryblossomdesign-photography. blogspot should work. Both of our computers automatically access the account, so I'm not sure what the best address is to give potential brides.
Thanks for your help.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

random thoughts and news

I have a few disjointed thoughts and some pretty big news-

First thought- congrats to Dory on her calling. I am looking forward to fabulous lessons. This ward has had female teachers for Gospel Doctrine since we've been here. I find that interesting. The last 3 wards I've attended have all had men, except one. Hmmmm-

Second thought-congrats to the DeGraw family. I was sure we'd be called to go to Harrison. It would be a terrific experience I'm sure, but the financial challenge would overwhelm us. So--congrats to you!!!!

Third thought-it's a lot easier to write this without any children talking at the same time.

Fourth thought-thanks sylli for the book. I'm really enjoying it- I guess I AM a real Mormon Woman afterall. (Take that-Ray).

Fifth thought- update on Sammy. The Dr agrees with the assessment from the school. We will be going to Children's in the spring (June) for testing for Autism.

No more thoughts-on to the big news -Yes, Katy is engaged (again). Most of you met the tall cutie with her on Sunday. I think he is planning on coming to church with her (us) from now on. They are planning a late May wedding. She is very happy. Josh is very good to her (and for her).
They make a nice match.

I think that's all. The biggest challenge in our house right now has to do with which Christmas tree we will be putting up this year. Bari loves his- it's big and bushy and (I think) hard to put decorations on. My tree is thin and sparce (it's supposed to be)- and has lots of room for decorations. Actually, I'm ok with no tree at all. I am all about just decorating the house. It's going to be a lean year at the Cruzes anyway, so maybe the kids won't notice so much without a tree.


Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here is my list of thanks-for Thanksgiving. It is an odd collection. In no particular order. (And quite incomplete I'm sure).

I'm thankful for-
A loving Father in Heaven and Son, my brother, Jesus Christ
Knowledge of the true an everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ
Eternal Marriage and my Eternal companion
The love and support of my companion, his calm and forgiving spirit (esp to me )
My many and varied children
My health, humor, and spirit
My own family, brother, sisters and Mother (who still calls me the Baby)
My extended family who have embraced my children as their own
My friends - truely love unfeigned
My home, the protection and comfort that lie within
My job and my husbands job (supporting our family as best we can-)
My talents, love of reading, love of all knowledge and news
Living in a country where I have choices and religious freedoms
Being a woman at this time and in this dispensation

Many happy and blessed Thanksgivings to all of you this holiday season.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What a day

Man oh man, what a day. My congrats and all my love and support to Patty and her new councilors. What a terrific group of women. I've known and served with Patty for almost 4 years, but this blog thing has really shown everyone what we've known all along, what a spiritual giant she is. I can only hope to study and learn and glean from the word of God as she does. My Hero! She knows I love her like a sister. (and sometimes even more than my biological sisters !)---
My love and support for Shayleen in her new Primary calling. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I was still reeling from the Patty news and missed the names of the women who will be serving with her.
I love how the Lord works, and thinks. I could start every testimony with that phrase. I do love how he has organized how callings work. Other churches solicit positions and callings. People serve by volunteering for specific things. I love how the Lord chooses, and we all work together to gain a greater knowledge of the truth. Can you imagine having the same president or counselor for 10 or 20 years? I know we stretch and grow through our callings. It is an amazing and simple application of service.
I also wanted to tell you all, that you (and you too Ray) were prayed for. Yep. I prayed for you. A couple of months ago I was feeling a little lonely. Since moving to Cinci, I haven't had any close girlfriends. I loved the women I served with (you all know that), but it was not really the connection I had had in the past. We all had a very close friendship especially a special few, but it wasn't a talk-on-the-phone-every-other-day-thing. Then- along came blogging. You all seem like the closest friends and confidants I could ever hope for. See? I prayed for this blogging thing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More odds than ends- - - -

Cute pics of Katy--- Look closely at the cake. The candles look suspiciously like the Maneuverability cones. (Her step dad thinks he's funny).

Odds and ends- - - -

Well, I'm going to try to get a couple of pictures posted. I think most of you saw the kids at Halloween, but I'm posting some anyway. There are a couple of others you might recognize.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Eve

It's Sunday night. I've ended my fast, and reflected on my blog. I was reflecting on my thoughts for the day and this is what I have learned. I didn't have any epiphanies. I have true knowledge.

This is what my fast has led me to; My Father in Heaven knows me - knows my Drama. He knows Sam and our situation with him medically and financially. He will help my husband and I deal with this in His own time and in His own way. Either way, it will mean greater understanding of His Love for us and our son.

I also learned that we (LDS people) love each other. We covenant to help, support and serve one another, the least and the greatest among us. So, from this I know that if I have a concrete need that can be met somehow, and I need help, I MUST ask, and ACCEPT the help given for my family.

And most of all I learned that prayers can and will be answered. I need to step up and pray MORE and study the scriptures MORE. In otherwords, I need to do my part. Therefore, I'm recommitted to personal scripture study every morning, and more quiet time to reflect and ponder the Lords Will in my life.

Thank you for this forum, that I may vent, cry, be frustrated, and pray. Your love and support lift me when I feel as if I am in the midst of the ocean. (Remember my fear of water?).

My drama---

I don't really like drama in my life, but it seems to follow me wherever I go.
I know we don't usually tell each other when we are fasting, or what our purpose is, but I consider all of my fellow bloggers family (since I'm a 1st generation in my own family).
The day (last Friday) when Katy got her drivers license, we (Bari and I) also had a meeting at Sam's school. The meeting was with the Principal, the Speech Pathologist, and the school Psychologist. They had done some extensive observation and screening for Sam. He had already been diagnosed with ADD. There had been some changes in his medication and his workload. However, there was not significant change in his behavior or study skills relating to those changes. It was a very open discussion, we felt very good about being able to discuss his behavior at home and at school. Finally, as we exhausted all the Educational data and reasoning for his behavior, the Principal told us that they all had a theory concerning Sam's status. It was purely their educational experience and teaching experience and the close relationship we have with the principal, that they told us they thought Sam has some form of Autism. He is highly functioning, and can do many things, and reason and learn in many ways. However, it was their opinion that there were even more red flags pointing to this disorder.
Now, this took me about a week to digest.
I took the paperwork from the school and delivered it to the Dr.s office on Friday. Friday night the Dr called and we had a long conversation on the phone about all the results and the opinions of the school administrators. He has initially agreed with their assessment of his symptoms. He is sending us to Children's Behavior something-something (I can't remember)- At Children's Hospital. ---More Drama--He probably can't get into the Autism drs. for FOUR months.
More Drama-- Sam's Step Mom called. She carries the kids insurance. You guessed it, it is changing the first of the year, AND since they live in northern Ohio, the new plan doesn't include Hamilton County or even Franklin (Columbus) Co. I might have to take Sam to Toledo for any treatment. And the new Deductibles are Sky High.
We have no Health Insurance to speak of. Bari carries mine and it is very expensive. He has been trying to get into UPS just for the insurance benefits.
So, back to my Fast today. I am at a loss as to exactly what to fast for. Help for Sam is too general. Affordable Insurance would be great (even the Lord can Provide Miracles). I need more that just Peace of Mind. I just want HELP. Help for Sam, financial help for the family. I hate drama.

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Mom's Stuffing Recipe

First off, I want to say that it is really great to check blogs everyday after work. I don't always have time to blog myself, but it helps me feel like I'm staying in touch.
OK-about the stuffing. I don't like stuffing. I only like this stuffing. Most other dressings are too moist, and mushy for me. This has lots of flavor, and has a bit of a crunch to it. Enjoy---Oh, my Mom isn't much of a cook (I get that from her)- so she will find this quite humorous that other people are interested in her recipe.
1c. minced onion
1c. finely chopped celery
1c. shredded carrots
1c. slivered almonds
1 8oz. can chopped water chestnuts
1c. shortening
12c. dry breadcrumbs
1 Tblsp. poultry seasoning
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 Tblsp. salt

Saute vegetables and slivered almonds 5 minutes in shortening (do not brown).

Mix in chopped water chestnuts.

To bread cubes add poultry seasoning, pepper and salt. Add vegetable mix and toss lightly to mix. Cool completely. Then stuff turkey, or bake it in a pan 1 hour. Makes enough stuffing for a 12-14 lb turkey.
My Mom has a written note: Double this for a 23lb turkey.

I also have a rockin' Pumpkin Pie recipe and a Pumpkin Roll recipe.

Let me know how you like them-----

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Leslie's blog got me thinking. She has a (really yummy) menu planned for her Thanksgiving Dinner. ANYWAY- like I said, that got me thinking of my Mom's Turkey Stuffing. She puts sliced Water Chestnuts and Slivered Almonds in it. It was always a fun part of our holiday the night before, to sit around her kitchen table and break up the bread into pieces for the dressing. The kitchen smelled so good with the carrots, celery and onions cooking up in the butter for the stuffing. Another fun part of our celebration was to get out the handmade Bybee pottery mugs and have Apple Cider with a scoop of Lime Sherbet in it. I tried this other times of the year, but it was never as good as Thanksgiving. We only made the Cider/Sherbet as an appetizer for Thanksgiving, not any other holiday. Not even Christmas. The other thing we would have is a couple of dozen different candies and cookies set out after the dinner. My Great Aunt Eunice would bring all the after dinner treats for us to try. I don't know how we managed to eat anything after the HUGE dinners mom would make. Oh I just thought of one more thing. My mom would get the biggest turkey in the A&P (remember those?). She always made WAY too much food because we would take the aluminum TV trays and fill them to the brim and stick them in the freezer. We lived up north where the Snow falls in the Winter--and we were always guaranteed at least 3-4 snow days each school year. In the midst of the Snow Emergencys, we would pull those dinners out of the freezer and wow--the kitchen-the whole house would smell great !!! I think it tasted even better on those long winter nights.
Some time this year I want to try Leslie's Orange Slushie Recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Love the RACE *********

OK, there are few things I like as well as, or better than The Amazing Race !!! Yes, I follow dilligently. My family members all pick teams (several favorites) and follow them through the race. We choose which Roadblock we do, and if we would choose the Fast Forward or not. My kids are just as nutty about this as I am. So- for the next few weeks I will undoubtedly be making blog comments on the Race. So, for starters, we like the Goth team (no- really !!!), they run a clean race (so to speak), and they are nice to each other. We tend to like family teams, sisters, daughter/dad, grandpa/grandson, brother/sister. Tend to not like the 'pretty' teams (I am really prejudiced against pretty girls). So, we all watched last night after the drive to pick up Sam and Madeline. They were happy to be home.
So, does anyone else follow the best reality show on TV? Hmmmmmm-hope so.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

My turn- I love, I hate

I haven't done this I Love-I hate yet. I guess I'll try- I might be adding more later though.

I Hate the hot water dripping in the bathtub faucet, it's sooo hard to turn on and off.
I Love having a kitchen and bathroom that actually has Clean water flowing from the faucets (just ask Katy how cool this is).

I Hate the back side of my house where the siding is missing (for 2 Years) , and the doorbell that rings on it's own if someone opens the storm door.
I Love the neighborhood where we live. It gives my children stability and a sense of community.

I Hate my teeth.
I Love the color of my eyes, especially when my husband comments on them.

I Hate disobedient and rebellious children (mine).
I Love when my children make strong choices for good.

I Hate opening the Ice Cream container only to find a TINY bit left inside. (Not even a bite !)
I Love any kind of Ice Cream (even if it is only a bite).

I Hate that not all the sisters see what a great organization the RS is , and how they DESERVE to come and participate.
I Love the RS and all the sisters whether they come to activities or not.

I Hate how my husband (and I) over eat.
I Love food (too much)-(specially really well prepared food).

I Hate that I still have things I cannot seem to share with my bloggin' sisters.
I Love that when I know I'm ready, that they will all support me and love me just the same.

I Hate that I am so insecure that I don't really think people love me for who I am- I still think they are just 'being nice.'
I Love that I'm trying to get over my insecurities and know that I'm loved.

I Hate that I have to go back to work next week.
I Love that I had all week to be with my Husband- go to lunch everyday, and walk through many parks together.

I Hate that I thought everyone would be out of my house today - BUT - Katy is still here sleeping (she should have been out the door by now).
I Love that my kids (specially Katy)-feel comfortable enough with Mom and stepdad, that she brings her friends home to play cards instead of going out.

I Hate that my kids put up such a fuss when they go to see their Dad.
I Love that he married someone who likes our kids, and wants to spend time with them.

Geez---Is that enough? I could probably go on and on----
I Love my fellow bloggers. I love that our 'community' is getting bigger all the time, and that there is such a spirit of unconditional love and support for everyone.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Katy News

GOOD NEWS !!!!! Katy passed her test this morning. We are thrilled !!! I really appreciate all the help and support from you. She is beyond words. I can't even express how much this means for her. All her life, she was told (not by me) that she couldn't do this. Even going to Russia wasn't as much as big deal as this. Anyway---I wanted to share the good news and thank you-all !!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Shout- out for prayer.......

This is a call for help with prayer.
Katy is taking her driving test Friday morning. She is really nervous about it even though we have been practicing every day for this. She HAS to pass because she has already given her 2 week notice (tonight is her last night) on her current job, and she starts her new job soon. The new job REQUIRES her to drive. This new job is to be a nanny for an Indian Hill family. She needs to pick up the boys from school and run errands through the day occasionally. So, please pray for her. Oh, I didn't mention that she is especially nervous because her depth perception isn't the greatest. This is because she is blind in her left eye and is hearing impared in her right ear. Please help her through this with your kind thoughts and prayers.
Thank You !!! I surely love my blogging sisters (and brother)---

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Relationships---(no this is not about my husband again)

This morning when I picked up Katy, she told me that the lady that she cares for at night told her something strange. The lady is in very poor health, and her son is visiting from Europe where he lives. This lady told Katy that she would be gone from this earth except she is supposed to stay and help her son through a difficult time he is having right now. Katy had never had anyone tell her anything like this before. It isn't really a deathbed confession as much as an understanding of what she thinks her purpose here is.
The last couple of hours since I picked her up, I've been thinking about this. It led me to remember a conversation my grandmother had with a neighbor just before she died. Some of you may have already heard this, but I find it very interesting.
My grandmother lived in one side of a double house as long as I could remember. They always had really good neighbors on the other side of the house. Well, Granny was very old and mostly bed ridden at the end. One day the neighbor Betty checked on Granny. Betty was good friends with my Aunt who lived with my grandma. Anyway, one day Betty came through the door between the houses to check on Granny. It looked to Betty, like Granny was talking to someone, so she asked, "Granny, who you talkin' to?" And Granny looked at Betty and said," I'm talkin' to Papa (our name for my Grandpa who had passed many years earlier)." Betty said,"What'd Papa have to say?" and Granny said, "he's tellin' me what to bring."----Ok, now I have never heard that you could take things with you when you pass from this earth, have you???? Then Granny said to Betty,"You know I always liked you." ------This is the key because Granny always treated Betty with a little contempt because of her friendship with my aunt. ----So, I think we bring good feelings and closure to bad relationships with us. Out Stake Pres has said more than once that he feels that our relationships are key in our salvation. I think I agree, everything we do on this earth is based on relationships with others. Many of our decisions are based on relationships.
What do you think?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mushy stuff about my husband

As usual, I've spent the last week reading everyone else's blogs and thinking of things to say. Mostly, I've been thinking of how blessed I am to have met and married my husband. When I was single, I wanted someone who not only loved me, but cherished me. I got what I prayed for.
We met at the photography studio where he works. There were lots of times we had to go on assignments together. I always liked going with him. Not only was he fun, but he had compassion and passion for his work. It was really nice to do the daddy-daughter dances. He seemed to really enjoy making them feel special. When I was allowed to assist him at weddings, I enjoyed that even more. His creativity was so exciting to watch, and he cared sooooo much for the brides. I remember one April weekend (we were dating at the time) we were watching the weather for the wedding the next day, and found out that it would be in the 90s. He said (with much emotion) -"My bridesmaids are going to melt !". How could you Not love a man like that? Every wedding we photograph now I think of my wedding. I think of my civil wedding, how beautiful it was, and our wonderful sealing in Nauvoo. The bells rang as we kneel ed across the alter from each other.
I noticed something interesting. When we were married by my bishop in our civil ceremony, I was married as Louann Benroth. I had been a Benroth for 16 years. But when we were sealed, I was sealed to him as Mary Louann Cox, my maiden name. I love that he got to marry ME, not Gene's ex-wife.
Part of this topic is because I had a customer come into my store last week who- in the middle of her order- told me she was probably going to get a divorce. I know this woman and her husband only from working with them at my store. Of course I was suprised at her announcement, they always seemed to get along. Now, this is not the first time Pam or Cristyn or I have gotten some kind of personal information from our clients. Some days it seems like we have bar stools at our design counter and beer glasses behind us - we certainly are the 'psychiatrist bartenders'. Anyway, I regress, she told me all about her problem, and how she tried to make it better. (I do realize I'm only getting one side). It all sounded too familiar, much like my former married life. The contrast between that (my first marriage and relationship) and my current marriage and relationship is night and day. I am blessed.
Today my husband and I went to the sculpture park- Pyramid Hill. I found out he had looked it up on line and planned this trip for us. He said, "I kept thinking, Louann would really like this." What a fun day. We sat and looked at shapes and colors and sometimes- we didn't know what we were looking at. But we were together enjoying our relationship. Another blessing for me (I really am blessed).
I haven't titled this blog yet---I wasn't sure what I would write about. I think I have a title now (and no one will read it- but that's ok too).

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

take your pick...

Take your pick, I'm either A: the mean Mom, B: too uptight for my own good, or C: Just Too Old.
I was at the cub scout pack meeting tonight (or was it a Den meeting? I always get those confused), ANY way- there were many little boys running around the church. Several wore hats (one was a cub hat-very cute). There was some name/game boy stuff going on. And, my son was doing (I think) summersaults in the Primary room. Now - let there be NO misunderstanding. Our Sisters were in charge of both the Fairfield Ward boys and the Hamilton boys. They had a 'down on the farm' theme. It was FABULOUS !!!! The boys loved it, (all the stations) - they moved from room to room well, and were in control. If the boys got loud, or distracted, the sisters got their attention back. Like I said, it went really well.
So, I'm sure I'm the Mean Mom. I stopped 2-3 boys in the hallway that were not just running, but all-out sprinting, and told them to not run and reminded them where they were. (These were not our boys). I wanted the boys with the hats to take them off inside the church building (the boy with the cub hat did for a while)- again, these were not our boys.
I must be Old School (oooh- choice D). I think we have gotten lax in our treatment of the building, how we dress and how we act when we are there. I don't think we need to wear dresses or skirts every time we enter. But I think the sloppy sports shorts, and pajama bottoms are not appropriate. (and yes- I'm fully aware my daughter wore gouchos on Sunday). I don't mind running and sports in the building if it is in the gym. Tonight with the cubs would be the exception for that, and it was very controlled.
So, are we raising the bar? Isn't that what we've been asked to do?

Do I have a conclusion? Nope, I'm just old, and old school, and up tight, and just a Mean Mom.
And thanks for letting every one of my multiple personalities vent for a while.

Tonight really was a nice night for the boys. Karlin, Heather, and Leslie did a really great job- and I appreciate all they do to help my boy succeed in scouting.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sister Beck

I missed Sister Beck's General Conference talk a couple of Sunday's ago. With all the discussion, I knew I needed to read it for myself. At the Gen'l Women's Conference, I was totally impressed with her direction for the sisters. She spoke with a women's perspective and with power.
This evening I finally had the chance to read her Gen'l Conf talk. I had already heard quite a lot of it this last week in Sacrament. It was as powerful as the first.
I'm a working mom. I don't know exactly how many sisters who read this work full time. I put in anywhere from 34 to 40 hours a week. It is not unknown for me to work 40+ hours - even up to 50 in a week. I don't want to offend anyone. I'm just writing my own thoughts and perceptions for my own life. Anyway, you get the idea, I work a lot outside the home. I don't want to work so much, but right now, it is a necessary evil. If Bari and I had started our lives together earlier, right after college, we wouldn't have the challenges we have now. I wouldn't need to work as much. So, here I am - with a RS Gen'l Pres saying, - you can do this ! And this is all you have to do-and then she lists everything I have ever heard that families should strive to do to stay strong and focused. Ok. In reading the list I came to one conclusion, I don't have time. Literally, there is not enough time for me to accomplish everything that is on my plate. Many of you know (it's been pretty obvious) that I've been a little down lately. I've really felt the guilt for everything that moves on earth. You know the feeling. Well, after hearing the talks from this exemplary sister, -and knowing I CAN'T ACCOMPLISH THIS- something amazing and suprising happened. I didn't feel bad anymore. I know I'm doing what I should, I know I'm doing the best I can. Am I doing the 'very best' ? Yes, sometimes I am. It might not be as good as someone elses "very best'- but it's mine. I do need to dig deeper, have more meaningful Family Nights, organize my family better. All those things that I was a little annoyed that no one else prepared, or organized, I found out were MY responcibilities all a long. I just needed to SUCK IT UP !!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

more about me

Well, I haven't given my list of likes and dislikes or I Hate-and-I Love List. First, I doubt anyone really cares, but I haven't written since last week and I need to say something---so here goes.

I hate- I really Hate, shopping carts that are in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store. Just move it over lady!!!!

I hate stupid drivers- now this sub list could go on for a while. I hate the lack of turn signals, driving slow in the fast lane, and pulling up close to my car (looking like you want to pass) - I move to the slow lane- only to have you just sit there -in the fast lane-Not Passing!Arg! But this is the WORST- And I don't know how to even explain how Cincinnati-ans have this problem (and it is a problem believe me!). I drive Cross County Hwy everyday sometimes more than once a day, there are hills on this road. I can't believe how many cars don't speed up going UP the hills! I'll set my cruise control and lots of cars will pass me going down the hills- then block the fast lane when the road goes back UP the hill !!!!

Enough of cars- I hate getting the ice cream container out of the freezer- only to find Less Than A Scoop of creamy goodness left! I shouldn't even say scoop- spoon full would be more like it.

I dislike having to work on my day off (tomorrow). But I like helping out and being a team player for my boss. (Who- I hope- will buy me lunch tomorrow).

I love seeing my kids dressed up for Halloween and having fun. Your only a kid once-

I love hearing Sam and Madeline singing together in the back seat of my car. They sound so Good!

I love seeing my children make good decisions with what ever they do.

I love spending time with my Mom, in the hometown where I grew up.

I love any time I get to spend with my sweetheart (except right after I find empty ice cream containers !).

I love sisters who blog and share a piece of their lives with us. Spiritual moments, family moments, jokes and treasures. Thank you.

ps-Sisters and Ray!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have a question. At what point does a good example turn bad? I've been thinking about my choice to go to church Sunday although I was really not feeling well. Actually, now that I (finally) feel better- I have a much clearer idea of how sick I was. Anyway, I choose to go to church. A good choice, right? A good example for the family. Hmmm- but I wasn't taking care of myself as I should have. Bad Example? As women we already run ourselves ragged taking care of everyone else. Is this the example I really want to portray to my children? More importantly, where do we draw the line?
Oh-on a happier note, we (Sam, Madeline, Katy and I) were in Madeline's room tonight. Sam started rolling around on her floor saying, "Boy-boy-boy-boy........" over and over. She didn't appreciate his 'boy germs' being spread on her floor. It was pretty funny.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I couldn't find the vegetable peeler......

I couldn't find the vegi peeler and I woke up with a headache at 5:30---oh, and the sisters sang like angels during our closing song today. That should be my title.
I went to bed late on Sat. waiting for Bari to come home, then I was flipping between Saturday Night Live and the Indians game. Even then I was feeling a little headache coming on. At 5:30am I woke up and took 2 Excedrin Migraine and went back to bed (yes, all that caffeine and I don't have any trouble sleeping). I slept in until 10 am.-TEN!!!! But my headache was still there. Bari wanted me to stay home, but I thought I knew better. Then I did something that made everything worse-I read the letter that was sent from the school about an assessment done on Sam. His ADD and immaturity are big issues at school. I knew about all the challenges he has been facing, but to see it in black and white was too much for me this morning I guess.
When I get these headaches I get even more emotional than normal. Anyway, I got home and my pot roast wasn't done (I'm still not used to Bari's Crock Pot), I ate 2 peanut butter cookies and went to bed. I got up this evening at about 8:30-8:45 and put the kids to bed, ate some dinner and took 2 more pills. Besides learning that the Bengals lost again, I'm starting to feel better. I told Patty today that I think the Lord gives me these headaches to make me feel fragile. I certainly feel a loss of control over my emotions and my physical capabilities concerning my family and all I do for them.
Anyway, I wanted you-all to know that I appreciate your love and concern. Your kind words mean more to me than you will ever know.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Witness

I had a couple of things happen lately that got me thinking. Well, before I start I think you should know something about me. You may or may not know about a weird obsession I have. I like to talk to people in the grocery store lines. I usually find something to say to the person behind me in line (much to the dismay of my children). Actually, (although I am rather shy about introducing myself to new people in the ward)- I will talk to complete strangers. This is what happened this week.
Next door to my store is a dry cleaner. The owner is James (I know this because I've seen his business card- not because I've actually introduced myself). Anyway, one day his door was open and I stuck my head in his store and said that I was worried about him because he works soooo many hours (even more than me). We talked a little while. He said he had a wife but no children and it didn't bother him to work so much. "Actually," he said," I like what I do, so it isn't a burden to work." He likes what he does, he works at a dry cleaners! I kept thinking about that over and over. I never expected anyone actually liking to work (at what I supposed was a boring job) at a dry cleaners. Then, a little later in the week, I had another interesting conversation. I was at Kroger (suprise there), and I started talking to the man behind me in line. He was dressed in brown and I (using all my Nancy Drew skills) assessed that he worked for UPS. Bari has been thinking about trying to work part time for them, so I thought I'd talk to this man about his experiences. He had been with them almost 21 years. Then he said "It's God's will that I'm with this company. When God moves me to something else, I'll go. It's God's will and you have to listen and move in that direction." I was suprised to hear his testimony right there in the Kroger line. I thought, "he was Witnessing to me. But he didn't know that I already know the truth."
I kept pondering these 2 conversations. James is at the dry cleaners and perfectly happy. God works on his life whether or not he knows it. The UPS guy knows God is working in his life everyday. I start wondering about my own life, am I listening? Am I moving toward what the Lord wants for me? I also absolutely loved how the UPS guy felt completely comfortable in confessing the relationship he has with the Lord. I love the 'witnessing' from all people who love Christ, LDS or not. I gives me hope and strength anytime I hear 'witnessing' of Christ.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Gifts come many ways----

I was reflecting on conference and the time I spent with my husband this weekend. Between sessions we went out to dinner, and even went to an art show in Hyde Park. It was really great to reconnect. Sat night we thought we'd watch a movie after conf, but who showed up, but the oldest daughter and friend to play uchre (sp). All the other kids were gone, and we thought we'd have the whole evening together ALONE. Well, it was fun anyway.
Sam and Madeline came back Sunday with huge pumpkins for the porch. I think they had an ok time with their dad and step-mom. It's aways hard to tell.
Anyway- about the title this time. It is a gift to spend time with someone you love. And sometimes it is a gift to be away from the people you love. Not just because they appreciate coming back after being away- but because it gives time to renew and rest from responsibilities. There is always the gift of hearing the general authorities speak. I can hardly wait until the conf. issue comes out. It is even a gift that our church believes in keeping current with technology. I am not a very deep spiritual thinker. I love all the little things (the things that probably don't mean much in the long run). I loved seeing Bro.Nelson hold on to Bro. Wirthlin. The commitment Bro Worthlin had in finishing his talk. I loved hearing that Pres Hinkley playfully tapped someone (where?) with his cane.
I don't know how to end this one, except with my testimony. How I love this church, I know I often fail to recognize all it has to offer me, all the gifts we can aquire.
I haven't written much this last week, I guess I didn't think I had anything much to say, but I want you all to know that I check each of your blogs at least once a day. You are often my strength, and I want you to know that although you don't write them, I can see and feel the testimonys that you share. God Lives and He Loves Us.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Name Is........

My husband calls me Mother Theresa because I give everything I have to my children. I give them the last serving of dinner, the last piece of pie, the last pair of matching socks in my drawer. I have no concept of keeping something just for 'the adults'. I share everything. I always have. When Bari and I started dating he cooked for me. I couldn't believe how many different ingredients he would use to make a meal. I would never put all the mushrooms, tomatoes, hamburger, onion, green pepper and what ever else in a sauce for spaghetti. Something would need to be saved for another meal. I was always saving for something else. Why use everything for 1 dinner when you could make 2? This must have been ingrained in me when I was small. My mom cooked very simple meals. We were working class (a nice way to say poor). There were 4 kids + mom and dad. Someone always had to wait until their 'turn' to get shoes or a coat. Mom rarely got anything new. I guess that was my example. Maybe that's why I never expect anything. I have no 'feeling of entitlement' like my husband. He works hard and he expects something for it. I work hard and then I work some more.
This has been a hard day. I must be PMS'ing or just a little blue.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One last comment---

I promised wedding photos- this layout is wierd, it distorts the photos but I put them up anyway. Be sure to check out the bottom of the page for my fave .

As A Mom..............

There are few real moments which define exactly what kind of 'Mom' you've been for your children. I've had children in my life for over 22 years. Yesterday I had a defining moment. And I guess I'm not doing too bad. Yesterday afternoon my oldest daughter seemed distressed and said we needed to have a 'mommy-daughter talk.' This can't be good. She proceeded to cry a little, and then tell me she had called off her wedding and broken her engagement. This decision had come after many hours of prayer and thoughtful contemplation. Her young man was not the one. I won't go into any details on the relationship. What I do want to emphasis is that she had strength to change a situation that was not in her best interest. A defining moment. Independence, strength, self-worth, an eye to the Glory in her life. She knows what Heavenly Father wants for her. When this relationship didn't match her Patriarchal Blessing, and she knew that it never would match, she left. Sometimes (many times) I doubt my parenting - mothering skills. This really was a defining moment- for her and for me.
I know you'll be wondering how she is doing. I don't think I've heard her laugh so much in one night as I did tonight. She was on the phone with a friend -he was on e-bay looking at wedding gowns to see if she could sell her dress for a good price. I guess it was all very funny. I know I'm happy.

My Husband.......the domestic Goddess.

Yes, my husband, the love of my life, is a Domestic Goddess. This morning, he was almost late to work because he was finishing the dishes (we don't use a dishwasher-see MamaD's blog), and folding clothes (which he had just taken from the dryer). Yes. A Domestic Goddess. How did I get so lucky? The trade-off is that my clothes are a little wrinkled sometimes (most of the time), and most of my dishes are cracked and chipped. Things could certainly be worse. He is- after all, the Love of My Life.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

My head is just a swimmin' ------

My Grandma Cox- "Granny" used to say, "my heads just a swimmin'." She was from Kentucky so it was all foreign to me. The last couple of days I've read many of your Blogs and had many more things 'swim' in my head thank I could possibly write about. Add to all of your funny and thoughtful comments the fact that we had a fabulous Women's Conference Saturday night. I had the opportunity to help serve dinner, it was so much fun to see many sisters I know.

One thing I neglected to write about early on - was how I came up with the title of my Blog. After reading others wonderful-thoughtful titles- I wondered myself. So, it's no suprise that I came up with 'louonblog' in about a minute and a half (maybe not that long). I thought it was cute. I've since realized that it really sounds almost phonetically 'louannblog'. Hmmm. I really thought- louonblog, louann-is-jumping-on-this-blog-thing. That's it. I'm not very deep-really.

On to the conference. I loved all the talks, especially the one given by the new Gen'l RS Pres, and the last sister- the one who is the social worker. They were really great. I thought one of the most moving moments of the evening was when Elder Monson mentioned that Sis Faust was in the audience (in the first row- with her family). What a sweet man. You can tell he dearly loved serving with her husband.
There was a lot of talk about the 'relief' part of Relief Society. How we serve each other, how it is a part of us as women. It is our destiny to serve and give relief. There was also a lot of council about the strength of the LDS women, and how, as a group, we can be a strong force for good in this world. That is really exciting. We don't really need to do anything differently, just stand up for the good of the standards of Christ. It should be something we already do now. WoW.

Then the blogs I've read. I've nosed my way onto quite a few this weekend. I have gained quite an insight to your lives. I love the "I love-I hate" lists. I love the days with your kids- overflowing toilets and all. I love how you think about the words to special hymns and what they mean in your lives. I love (probably most of all) your descriptions of yourselves. You all think you are quite ordinary. I know a secret. You are not. You are the most special and loved women in all the world. You only pretend that you are living ordinary mondane lives-but you have a greater good. You have Sacred Covenants to uphold, the Gospel to preach, Scriptures to share. The fact that you do it while you are acting as normal run-of-the-mill women is an even greater accomplishment. WoW- I am blessed to know you. My heads just a swimmin' - - - - - -


Friday, September 28, 2007

Saturday again? Nope-it's Friday

Most of the time I don't know what day it is. Could be stress, could be ADD, could be I never learned them in the correct order in the first place. I have selective memory. I remember my stepson's birthday but always have to ask Katy or count backward to get the right birth year for Sammy. (Then again- I was 38 when I had him- who remembers such things?). I remember when I told my oldest 2 children that we were going to have another baby (they were 10 and 8 years old at the time and we were on a camping trip to Michigan. We saw a free concert of Hoodie and the Blowfish- Is this too long for a thought in perenthasis [sp]). I remember the last time I saw my Dad before he passed from this earth. I also remember when he carried Katy into my Mom's class room when I suprised them with a visit ( she was about 3 weeks old). I don't remember all the cats we have had (sorry Patty), but I know we had at least one Celestial cat. It makes me sad to think that I can't remember some very special times in my life. But I know that I will gain all that knowledge back one day.
I've had the chance to breeze through some other blogs tonight. I love your lives- the young Mom's and their sweet babies, the inspirational stories and insight. I love your comments to one another-the support and humor. I love how we are really all alike- and different. We love the Lord with a passion, we love our children and our lives. We can be different- but it really isn't all that different.
Some time I might write more about my first marriage and how that molded my testimony. I do want to post at least one wedding pic of my sweetie and I, but I'm having a hard time moving files around. I guess I want to share-

Blogs in general

Well, I like this blog thing. I'd love to know more blog addresses (or sites?). It is a fun way to keep in touch, and put thoughts onto a page. I wrote something last night, it was kind of -sort of poetic. I was very sleep deprived at the time. I hope it wasn't too weird. Why is that? Why do I worry about what someone else thinks about my writings?
My husband and kids found out I have a blog. I think they were impressed that I even knew what a blog was. (Don't tell them that I'm still figuring that out). Both of my sisters and my mom are all writers. I enjoy the free thought of this , but I could never be disipined enough to write all the time. Any way, please feel free to pass this blog on to friends, it isn't always interesting, but I do love hearing from the sisters, especially throughout the week when life gets hard and Finneytown is miles away from many of you (even those who live down the street).
So, thanks for your comments and allowing me to write (bad- but from the heart) poetry to you. It's been a REALLY long time since I've felt even remotely close to sisters in my ward.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I used to work for an office where- when information was given in the most brief form, while the issuer was passing through the room (followed later with- "what? I told you-don't you remember?". That was given the title of a Fly-By. Basically, someone flies by you, distributing information as they go. You are neither prepared for the information, or understanding what exactly the purpose of the information is. OK. I think sometimes the Lord gives us Fly-By answers to kind-of/sort-of prayers. You know the prayer- I need this or that, but you are not really seriously praying, your just thinking about praying. Well, I think I had a Fly-By answer to a suggested prayer. I think about finding another job every now and then. I look in the paper and realize that I really don't have much experience outside of my industry. I think about how you move from one type of job to another, but I get discouraged, realize I do like my current job and forget about it. Sunday a possible opportunity popped up out of no where. Nothing may come of this, I don't know. The job is in a different field, different responsibilities, different part of the city. It is a Fly-By chance to do something different. I think the Lord understands Fly-Bys.

thoughts on jobs

We were watching Dirtiest Jobs Sat night and there was a crew of men painting the Mackinac Bridge. It is 5 miles long, and I don't know how high. The TV personality (Mike) was with a crew member in side one of the towers. It was extremely difficult to manuver around in the little cell/area where he was painting. There were over 1000 of these spaces to sand and paint.
Mike made the comment that no one ever sees this guy do this difficult job. If, however, the job doesn't get done, the integrity of the bridge could be compromised. Mike asked the crewman why he does it, the man answered "because, it need to be done, and somebody has to do it." I've been thinking about that a lot this weekend. There are a lot of jobs that just 'need doin'. How many jobs do we have responsibility for that we don't ever get recognition for? I bet we have more things to do that aren't recognized, than those which are recognized. Of course we-as women- don't go through our day doing things that only gain attention. I was also watching (I think it's called) -Jim and Kate Makes Eight. Anyway, it's a reality type show with this couple who have a set of twins, and a set of quads. 6 kids all under the age of ????? I don't know , but the quads are really little, maybe 2. At one point in the show, Kate told about giving the quads their breathing treatments in the afternoon. She said something with an attitude like- this really interrupts her day (the breathing treatments). I was shocked. Who is going to tell this mom that -This Is Her Day- 6 little kids, it isn't going to get much better. I know how she feels, I had a period of time when all the kids stuff-the bus, the homework, dinner, whatever- all were interruptions. I finally Got A Clue----this IS my life, this is not an exception to it!!!! That made everything better. When I stopped looking for what I thought I should be doing, and realized that I was doing it (to the best of my sanity at the moment)-Life got soooo much easier.
Now don't be fooled, I really don't spend my days watching TV-

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sammy is a dandy

Well, after having a really hard nosed Sammy day; "I don't wanna go to church, why do I hafta go? I don't wanna leave church, all my friends are here. And, MOM! Can you get me---(no) MOM, Madeline is" ----(leave Madeline alone Sam). After a day of this we were making a real effort to read scriptures again. About 15 minutes of Sammy and Madeline trading verses, Sammy says
"I think this is written in British". Ha!
I love how the Lord works in our family. We've really been on again, off again with our scripture study. The kids don't mind it (suprise), but it always seems too late, or just not planned into our evening routine. So, tonight I realized that Sammy is supposed to read/or be read to, for 20 minutes a night. Madeline is supposed to read 30 minutes a night. Solution- read scriptures together-Sammy and Madeline the primary readers, and we can really get this done.
After today's RS lesson, I've really been trying to figure out who I am. My kids will say I'm a grouch most of the time (I blame that on THE CHANGE, or stress), my husband will say that I'm still the love of his life (no matter how crabby I am). I worry about being something that I'm not. I don't know why I can't just accept that I can be a pretty nice person. Why is that so hard?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I've been thinkin'

I have a couple of questions for you-all.
What do you have Bookmarked? I have all the local news/weather tv stations web casts. I also have lots of news info-CNN, The New Yorker, the photo of the day from National Geographic, and the Bengals home page. I am a news junkie.
What was your favorite gift to receive? I know we are not usually a materialistic bunch- but my fave gift (and fave appliance) is an electric Ice Crusher my husband gave me for my birthday. It was replacing a hand crank model my daughter had given me. My daughter also hit 2 more home runs- she made me a quilt with pictures of all the family, and she organized the rest of the crew and gave me a Mother's ring.

Saturday nights

Saturday nights are always decompression nights for me. I work (sometimes a lot-sometimes too much), and I miss Saturday -days quite a bit. The older I get and the more I regret things not done, the more I look forward to Sundays. Many of my friends don't understand how 3 hours of church can be uplifting and exciting. A long time ago I was told that Sunday would "fill my spiritual bucket" for the next week. I didn't get it. I went home with 2 crabby little kids, tired and spiritually lost. I knew that you get out of church what you put into it. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready or able or interested in working that hard. Sometime-I don't know when or how, everything changed. Now, I like to go and see the people I care about. I like to hear the messages, and lessons prepared just for me. I still take crabby kids home, but I'm not discouraged, I'm filled.
I live my life by faith. I am not a scriptorian, and shake at any heavy discussion about the gospel. There is one purpose to my faith, one light that keeps me going, and supports every other element to the church for me. This is; God the Father, and Jesus Christ, love ME. They know ME as an individual, as a mother, daughter, sister, working mom. Because of that, I know that my prayers have meaning, and my family has unlimited potential. I am never alone.
I sometimes wonder how I'm doing as a mom of the gospel. And then I get discouraged, because I know my family isn't doing all it should to uplift ourselves spiritually. That's when I am amazed because one of my children steps forward and does a good deed (unsolicited), or makes a wise choice when the easy choice was at their fingertips. I shouldn't get so discouraged, but I do, and then I'm grateful and tearful that I have wonderful sisters in the gospel who care for me and my family.
Here are a couple more personal tidbits about me. I love any mystery novel, or movie (and add George Clooney and it's a winner). I'm addicted to Reality TV -esp Amazing Race. I love any mint chocolate anything- ice cream/candy/cookies-. When I have time, I love to watercolor and I've just recently started painting House Portraits by commission.
Live/Life- Love/Life

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Day

OK- it's like I don't need another thing to obsess over- but here it is.
It's even amazing that I think anyone would be even remotely interested in who I am or what I have to say. But- that's another matter.
About me- what should I say? Here is a little history (until one of the multitudes inerrupts me). Let's see, I was born and raised in a small town in northern Ohio. My mom still lives in the same house I grew up in, infact- most of the neighbors are still living there, or their children are now living on that same street.
I left the small town and went to an equally small college. (It was in the news last spring, a bus of baseball players went off an overpass in Florida). Anyway, I majored in Art because I knew it was something I could probably do fairly well. I wasn't so sure about anything else.
A year or 2 out of college I met my first husband and had 4 mostly adorable children (3 are pictured). He still lives in the same house we live in - but now with his 3rd wife (what is it about people not moving away?) He had a son by his first marriage (hense the 4 or 5 children). We were married 16 years. I am currently married to the Love of My Life (I know-mushy-gushy), who also has a son (and here comes the 4 or 5 or 6 children of mine).
Is that enough for now? I certainly think so-besides---at least 2 of the children are fighting their way through the tv channels (not really).
Do you sign off on these things?
Live Life/Love Life-Lou

lou on blog

Well, I've been inspired by Patty to express myself on line. This may be sort lived-but venting has always been a favorite sport of mine anyway. Let's give it a go-shall we?