Monday, October 4, 2010


 I should probably try to write every week. Right now this blog is always in a catch up mode. And if I write every week I won't second guess if my rantings are interesting, funny (or not), insightful, or just "stuff" that is going on and not worth the effort.

That will probably only last a week or two.

Soooo. The twins are doing well. Henry had hernia surgery last Wednesday. It went well, and he seems to feel much better. Grant is smiling and quite a cute cuddly boy. Katy had an assessment for William (19mos and not a single word), and it went well. He is a smart little boy, and has learned sign language for "more" and "cheese". He uses the "cheese" sign for any food, but the people who were observing him were even more impressed he could understand a general term like "more".
 So, they weren't too worried that he doesn't speak yet. He does make sounds (cute coo noises when he holds his little brothers), and will most likely start talking when he wants too.

We had a weekend of shooting. I shot the local Homecoming Parade on Thursday. Friday and Saturday we had weddings, and late Sunday had a family/baby session. No day off this past weekend, and a full weekend coming up.

Katy called me Sunday evening and asked me when I had my next day off. I said it would probably be a week from Monday. She said I work too hard, and that I'm 'not 30 anymore'. (Yea, nice. Thanks for that). She is worried, and wanted to know if Bari knew how hard I work. Well of course he does. And yes it is hard, and yes I am tired and my feet hurt.(I'm not 30 anymore you know).  But the whole purpose is to be able to quit my full time job and work from home. I would like to be home when my kids leave for school, and be here when they come home in the afternoon. That way it won't be so bad when I am away on a Saturday for a wedding, or a Wednesday night for a planning meeting. Now it just seems like I am gone all the time. (And my feet hurt all the time).