Saturday, November 3, 2007

My turn- I love, I hate

I haven't done this I Love-I hate yet. I guess I'll try- I might be adding more later though.

I Hate the hot water dripping in the bathtub faucet, it's sooo hard to turn on and off.
I Love having a kitchen and bathroom that actually has Clean water flowing from the faucets (just ask Katy how cool this is).

I Hate the back side of my house where the siding is missing (for 2 Years) , and the doorbell that rings on it's own if someone opens the storm door.
I Love the neighborhood where we live. It gives my children stability and a sense of community.

I Hate my teeth.
I Love the color of my eyes, especially when my husband comments on them.

I Hate disobedient and rebellious children (mine).
I Love when my children make strong choices for good.

I Hate opening the Ice Cream container only to find a TINY bit left inside. (Not even a bite !)
I Love any kind of Ice Cream (even if it is only a bite).

I Hate that not all the sisters see what a great organization the RS is , and how they DESERVE to come and participate.
I Love the RS and all the sisters whether they come to activities or not.

I Hate how my husband (and I) over eat.
I Love food (too much)-(specially really well prepared food).

I Hate that I still have things I cannot seem to share with my bloggin' sisters.
I Love that when I know I'm ready, that they will all support me and love me just the same.

I Hate that I am so insecure that I don't really think people love me for who I am- I still think they are just 'being nice.'
I Love that I'm trying to get over my insecurities and know that I'm loved.

I Hate that I have to go back to work next week.
I Love that I had all week to be with my Husband- go to lunch everyday, and walk through many parks together.

I Hate that I thought everyone would be out of my house today - BUT - Katy is still here sleeping (she should have been out the door by now).
I Love that my kids (specially Katy)-feel comfortable enough with Mom and stepdad, that she brings her friends home to play cards instead of going out.

I Hate that my kids put up such a fuss when they go to see their Dad.
I Love that he married someone who likes our kids, and wants to spend time with them.

Geez---Is that enough? I could probably go on and on----
I Love my fellow bloggers. I love that our 'community' is getting bigger all the time, and that there is such a spirit of unconditional love and support for everyone.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Katy News

GOOD NEWS !!!!! Katy passed her test this morning. We are thrilled !!! I really appreciate all the help and support from you. She is beyond words. I can't even express how much this means for her. All her life, she was told (not by me) that she couldn't do this. Even going to Russia wasn't as much as big deal as this. Anyway---I wanted to share the good news and thank you-all !!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Shout- out for prayer.......

This is a call for help with prayer.
Katy is taking her driving test Friday morning. She is really nervous about it even though we have been practicing every day for this. She HAS to pass because she has already given her 2 week notice (tonight is her last night) on her current job, and she starts her new job soon. The new job REQUIRES her to drive. This new job is to be a nanny for an Indian Hill family. She needs to pick up the boys from school and run errands through the day occasionally. So, please pray for her. Oh, I didn't mention that she is especially nervous because her depth perception isn't the greatest. This is because she is blind in her left eye and is hearing impared in her right ear. Please help her through this with your kind thoughts and prayers.
Thank You !!! I surely love my blogging sisters (and brother)---

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Relationships---(no this is not about my husband again)

This morning when I picked up Katy, she told me that the lady that she cares for at night told her something strange. The lady is in very poor health, and her son is visiting from Europe where he lives. This lady told Katy that she would be gone from this earth except she is supposed to stay and help her son through a difficult time he is having right now. Katy had never had anyone tell her anything like this before. It isn't really a deathbed confession as much as an understanding of what she thinks her purpose here is.
The last couple of hours since I picked her up, I've been thinking about this. It led me to remember a conversation my grandmother had with a neighbor just before she died. Some of you may have already heard this, but I find it very interesting.
My grandmother lived in one side of a double house as long as I could remember. They always had really good neighbors on the other side of the house. Well, Granny was very old and mostly bed ridden at the end. One day the neighbor Betty checked on Granny. Betty was good friends with my Aunt who lived with my grandma. Anyway, one day Betty came through the door between the houses to check on Granny. It looked to Betty, like Granny was talking to someone, so she asked, "Granny, who you talkin' to?" And Granny looked at Betty and said," I'm talkin' to Papa (our name for my Grandpa who had passed many years earlier)." Betty said,"What'd Papa have to say?" and Granny said, "he's tellin' me what to bring."----Ok, now I have never heard that you could take things with you when you pass from this earth, have you???? Then Granny said to Betty,"You know I always liked you." ------This is the key because Granny always treated Betty with a little contempt because of her friendship with my aunt. ----So, I think we bring good feelings and closure to bad relationships with us. Out Stake Pres has said more than once that he feels that our relationships are key in our salvation. I think I agree, everything we do on this earth is based on relationships with others. Many of our decisions are based on relationships.
What do you think?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mushy stuff about my husband

As usual, I've spent the last week reading everyone else's blogs and thinking of things to say. Mostly, I've been thinking of how blessed I am to have met and married my husband. When I was single, I wanted someone who not only loved me, but cherished me. I got what I prayed for.
We met at the photography studio where he works. There were lots of times we had to go on assignments together. I always liked going with him. Not only was he fun, but he had compassion and passion for his work. It was really nice to do the daddy-daughter dances. He seemed to really enjoy making them feel special. When I was allowed to assist him at weddings, I enjoyed that even more. His creativity was so exciting to watch, and he cared sooooo much for the brides. I remember one April weekend (we were dating at the time) we were watching the weather for the wedding the next day, and found out that it would be in the 90s. He said (with much emotion) -"My bridesmaids are going to melt !". How could you Not love a man like that? Every wedding we photograph now I think of my wedding. I think of my civil wedding, how beautiful it was, and our wonderful sealing in Nauvoo. The bells rang as we kneel ed across the alter from each other.
I noticed something interesting. When we were married by my bishop in our civil ceremony, I was married as Louann Benroth. I had been a Benroth for 16 years. But when we were sealed, I was sealed to him as Mary Louann Cox, my maiden name. I love that he got to marry ME, not Gene's ex-wife.
Part of this topic is because I had a customer come into my store last week who- in the middle of her order- told me she was probably going to get a divorce. I know this woman and her husband only from working with them at my store. Of course I was suprised at her announcement, they always seemed to get along. Now, this is not the first time Pam or Cristyn or I have gotten some kind of personal information from our clients. Some days it seems like we have bar stools at our design counter and beer glasses behind us - we certainly are the 'psychiatrist bartenders'. Anyway, I regress, she told me all about her problem, and how she tried to make it better. (I do realize I'm only getting one side). It all sounded too familiar, much like my former married life. The contrast between that (my first marriage and relationship) and my current marriage and relationship is night and day. I am blessed.
Today my husband and I went to the sculpture park- Pyramid Hill. I found out he had looked it up on line and planned this trip for us. He said, "I kept thinking, Louann would really like this." What a fun day. We sat and looked at shapes and colors and sometimes- we didn't know what we were looking at. But we were together enjoying our relationship. Another blessing for me (I really am blessed).
I haven't titled this blog yet---I wasn't sure what I would write about. I think I have a title now (and no one will read it- but that's ok too).