Monday, April 14, 2008

Just couple of minutes ---- and BIFOCAL contacts? ! ?

I have a couple of minutes to catch up before driving Madeline to dance.

I just realized that I never posted anything about the mini-vacation Bari and I took on our week-off. We went to Richmond, KY to pick up some paintings that my cousin had that my parents had done. I have 2 oils from Dad, 2 watercolors & 3 oils from Mom. It is really nice to see them again. We have lots of pottery of my Dad's, but Mom has kept most of Dad's paintings- which is ok since those are very large. Anyway- Bari and I also went to Berea, KY and spent the day walking around the shops. It was fun. We made a couple of little purchases. Then we went to a smaller KY town, Bybee. There is a pottery there that I wanted to see, and purchase a couple of bowls and mugs. It has been around 100 years - family owned, very utilitarian stuff. I love it. We want to go back and really re-think how we can use more (Bybee Pottery) at home. Then we went to the Natural Bridge. It was beautiful. I'm really- REALLY out of shape. It was fun.

That was a while ago. Just last weekend, we photographed a wedding in Mason. 8 Brides maids, 8 Groomsmen, 4 Ushers, and 2 flowergirls. It was interesting. The groomsmen were late, the pastor told jokes and almost forgot the scripture reading, and the mother of the groom almost didn't show. But----the bride was beautiful, we collected about 50 e-mail addresses to notify when the wedding goes on line (potential extra $$$$ for this wedding), we had some new equipment which worked perfectly (specially with a large group), and I got to be creative with the wedding dress portrait. So----it was pretty fun.

Sunday morning early I sped off to Louisville to watch Madeline's last 2 competition dances. It was really fun to see all the girls cheer each other on, and the hard work pay off. We got back home around 10 pm. Madeline really enjoyed it, good thing, because there is another this weekend in Indianapolis.

Next Saturday (when I'm fast on the way to Indi) Katy is moving all - ALL - her stuff to their new apartment in Batavia. That is the first big event of WEDDING WEEK, followed by Monday- liscense, Wednesday - mani/pedi's for K, M, and I. Thursday- family and friends coming into town early, Shower in the evening. Friday- move the flowers and kids wedding wear to the eastside, 5pm rehersal, dinner, pick up my sis at Dayton. CAN'T WAIT TILL SATURDAY- 10 am hair, 1pm, all over town for picks, 4pm family pics, 6pm ceremony - then on to the reception. SUNDAY- birthday party for ex-husband for kids (I don't go to this one!). Oops- -sometime on wednesday I pick up my dress. And I need to clean my house (early in the week) and take my sis BACK to Dayton on Sunday.

Add to that, I'm working all day on Monday and Tuesday. And the Matt Maupin procession and memorial is - SATURDAY - just down the road from the Reception hall. Let's hope the president doesn't come.

Love you all! I'm reading blogs although I'm not always commenting. It really helps me feel like I'm kind of keeping in touch.- - --

I think I took the wrong week off for vacation.

I just realized that I never explained the contact comment. Yep- I'm officially old. Not only is my first born getting MARRIED, I got a new perscription for contacts and their BI-FOCAL! (and their really great- I can see close up and then - - -really far away--). It is amazing. (See? I do sound old).