Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 in the morning- - - - I'm eating Pop Tarts

It's 3 in the morning, I've been awake since 2:30. I need something to nibble on ( dinner was at 5:30 tonight- that was a l-o-n-g time ago). I don't know where the Pop Tarts came from. I don't buy them. I really don't buy much snacky food. And if I did - Pop Tarts still wouldn't be on the list.

So, we got what- ? another 8 inches of snow today? Wow- the first predictions were 1 - 3 inches. This was soooooo wrong. Now, we have another 2 hour delay tomorrow. Yuck. I'd rather have school cancelled, than a 2 hour delay. Tomorrow, I'll get to work at 11 and leave at 3 (!!!!!).

OK- I have a funny story. Last Sunday I was in my class of CTR's- there were 8 I think. Anyway, they were so good for me, we were talking about Joseph's first vision. I was trying to find the book of James in the Bible. How hard is that? Well, I couldn't find it. They were being good- waiting as patiently as any 6 year-olds could. And I got frustrated and said, " oh, heck". Well, you should have heard them!!! " Sister Cruze said- - - the 'H' word!". " Sister Cruze said a bad word! She said the 'H' word!" Oh, my. Somehow in my memory, the 'h' word ISN'T - HECK! How funny.

Well, it is about 3:30, I'm still not tired. I guess I'll read a little bit before I try to go back to bed. - Oh, Katy had a good check up. She is going in twice a week now. Her blood pressure was up a little. The dr she saw said that they would probably induce on her due date if that continued to be a problem. Her due date is March 10. You should have heard her complain tonight. It was as if no other woman had gone through 8 months of pregnancy before. I told her she could only complain AFTER her 4th delivery (like me!).

Any Joey news would not be good. His parole officer called me because he missed an appointment with her this morning. Big trouble. Choices - Consequences. I don't know what it will take for him to learn this.

Well, off to bed (or the couch to read). And I could sleep in tomorrow- we already have a 2 hour delay!