Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oops, missed a couple.

 So, blame it on the Bengals. They played (badly) a Monday Night football game, so I didn't blog. I don't have an excuse for the week after that though. 

Bari was so kind as to download all the pictures from my camera.

I never do well when adding pictures to this blog. Bear with me.

Obviously this is Halloween. The boys were the cutest pumpkins ever.

These seem to be going backwards in time. Hmmm. This was taken on Katy's back porch the Sunday the twins were Blessed. What a super cute bunch of boys!

This is Tony Perez. One of the Big Red Machine Reds baseball players. Geez- I need to loose the weight!

The picture of Pete Rose in the chair are from the Pete Rose Roast we photographed in September. This is from my camera, Bari took the 'official' photos from the event. Oh, that's Pete's son - Pete at the podium.

The bat and ball were given to me by the Reds this summer. I framed them as a gift from the Reds to Jonny Gomes. It was his 100th home run bat and ball. Last I heard, Jonny sent them to his home in Arizona.
And yes, that is fake grass in the back of the frame. It gets everywhere when I have to frame with it.

So, I hope the pics make up for the fact I hadn't blogged the past couple of weeks.