Sunday, March 2, 2008

My 100 things------

I have been thinking about this since I saw one done a week or so ago. I'll try to have some kind of music- or alarm go off half of the way through so it will WAKE YOU UP!!!(Yes, I have the feeling this will be a little b-o-r-i-n-g.

1. I think about blogging, and what to write on blogs almost every day. But don't write them after all.

2. I also pretend that I'm at a food competition when I'm cooking sometimes. This happens most often when I'm throwing things together from the pantry.

3. As an example of #2, on Thursday I was going to make Spaghetti w/ sauce, but found I had Zitti instead - an ok sub. But also had no sauce so I used Manwich, Salsa, and left over French dip. I mixed it all together with browned hamburger and the cooked pasta. Good!

4. Not all of my answers need to be as long winded as #3.

5. My Dad has been gone for almost 20 years. I miss him everyday.

6. My Dad was a flyer in the Korean War.

7. When I was in New York last summer I saw a man who looked like my dad and was wearing the same exact clothing and hat he would wear. I miss my Dad.

8. I love cut flowers because I would kill plants anyway. This way it is presumed I did nothing wrong.

9. I want to go to Nauvoo on my vacation this year.

10. I've never been to the Palmyra pagent.

11. Someday I will (maybe) stop dying my hair. I started when I was 38- gray and had a new baby. I didn't want to be called 'Grandma' by mistake.

12. Tonight I told the 'dance mom's' how old I'll be this year (even though I 'm not too happy about it).

13. I'll be 48. (I'm still not happy).

14. I'll always be 'the baby' to my brother and sister.

15. One of our favorite Sunday night shows is the Challenge on the Food Network.

16. I try to inspire my children to think creatively.

17 The Toledo Museum of Art purchased one of my Dad's paintings for it's collection.

18. It's in storage.

19. I really want to paint my living room and put a new floor in the kitchen this year.

20. There are still times when I think of this house as Bari's and not 'ours'.

21. When I was little, my grandma Cox- Grannie, used to send clothes she made to us.

22. My sister Ellen and I would have matching outfits.

23. My Mom would draw pictures of the clothing for her journals.

24. My Mom has a Dead Book. Inside she has drawn pictures of much of her furniture. Along with the drawings are written explanations of where they came from or who made them.

25. I wish I was half as talented as my Mom.

26. I love my Mom. I want to be more like her.

27. I have seen ghosts.

28. My mom's house is haunted.

29. My mom has lived in her house for 48 years.

30. I think the ghosts are used to her.

31. I don't mind winter when there is snow.

32. Spring and Fall are my 2 favorite seasons.

33. I think I like Spring best. I like seeing the subtle changes in the trees when the buds start to come out.

34. I collect mugs.

35. I especially like hand blown glass mugs, but will collect anything that catches my eye.

36. I have a couple of mugs my dad made.

37. I also collect hats.

38. Katy brought a hat home from Moscow.

39. I try to play Sudoko every day.

40. I play the easiest and try to beat my time from the day before.

41. Todays time was my best so far. Just over 8 minutes.

42. I also want to paint the kitchen.

43. I'm sitting in the kitchen.

44. I think my mother-in-law picked out the wall paper in the kitchen.

45. It's fruit.

46. Bari and I had a beautiful wedding. I'm sorry I didn't know any of you then.

47. It's very odd to realize that 4 years ago I didn't know any of you yet.

48. There was a 3 year period in my life when I- Moved to different cities, twice. Changed my
job, twice. Had a baby. And filed for divorce.

49. The Lord is my Strength.

50. THIS IS THE ALARM !!!!!!!!!!!

51. Bari will reset the alarm 2-3 times some mornings before he gets up.

52. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to get back to sleep.

53. I have finally worked out my schedule with my boss.

54. I work 9am to 3pm.

55. Life at home seems much easier if I'm home a little bit before the youngest 2.

56. I was with Katy when she tried on wedding dresses today.

57. I didn't cry once.

58. I'm saving that for the wedding.

59. I really liked the last book we read.

60. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to Book Club.

61. I loved the part about people being players or not.

62. I talk to people in the grocery line.

63. I need to buy a dress for the wedding.

64. I still need to buy a dress for Madeline for the wedding.

65. I love to put together jigsaw puzzles.

66. The last puzzle I put together was a pattern like a kalidescope.

67. I really love to bake from scratch.

68. I wish my kitchen were just a little bit bigger. I need more counter tops.

69. My favorite color is orange. It has always been orange. When I took Sarah's color quiz my color was orange.

70. I love to hear my children sing when they are riding in the back seat of my car.

71. I love the young mom's I know. I miss that time in my life.

72. Sam used to call Madeline - Nin.

73. She hated it.

74. I'd like to learn how to fly a plane.

75. I've never been in a small plane.

76. I'd like a hot air balloon ride sometime.

77. I hate water.

78. It is always a relief when my kids get pretty good at swimming.

79. They don't share my fear.

80. I get really nervous, but I don't really mind speaking in front of groups.

81. I would like a make-over.

82. I would like a kitchen/house makeover!

83. I would like our Wedding business do well enough that Bari could quit his job.

84. Bari is the Love of My Life.

85. We often wish we had met 25 years ago.

86. I've met Dolly Parton.

87. I drove to Indianapolis in a snowstorm on Empty - to take Katy to a Backstreet Boys concert.

88. I've been at Meijers at Midnight for book or cd releases.

89. I painted a mural of Noah's Ark at a Mennonite church in Bluffton when I was in college.

90. I've framed 19th century fashion sketches from the St Petersburg, Russia Opera.

91. The drawings were sent to 3 other cities before we got them back to dismantle and ship back to Russia.

92. I wear a ring Bari bought on a cruise as an engagement ring.

93. I was named after my grandmother Mary Lou.

94. My first name is Mary.

95. The only time in my life I was called Mary, was when I was in college.

96. I should have named one of my girls Mary.

97. If Bari and I ever had a baby girl (impossible)- the kids want to name her-Bari Lou.

98. Down to the wire, this wasn't too bad. I do like a challenge.

99. I will never respond to an email like this- (I never get the cutting and pasting thing).

100. I love my testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love the gospel and the knowledge that I am a daughter of God. This sustains me through life, love , conflict and confusion. Love you all -