Sunday, August 2, 2009


Holy Cow,
I didn't realize I missed blogging ALL of July. Lots happened. We were busy. Now it is August.
So much for a detailed update.

Seriously, I'm feeling pretty bad that we've been so busy I haven't had a chance to visit my Mom. I told my sis I'd make a trip up in July, but didn't make it.

I'll be happy when Bari is finally finished with his studio (incase you haven't heard, his last day is August 28). Right now, I feel like we both each have 2 full time jobs. When he's out of the studio, he'll be able to take the Wedding business and run with it. That will help.

This weekend we were part of a Bridal Show in Anderson Twp. It went really well. We'll see how many calls we get. It was brutal trying to get ready for it- the displays, cards, set up, etc. We also stopped by a big wedding show at the convention center. We wanted to check out other photography displays to compare with ours. All in all, we made some good connections with some vendors that Bari knows. We will link to some Video, Dj and even Dress designer web sites. Things are movin and shaken- we just need the bookings! (Remember, we do families - and kids).

Madeline is in Idaho this week with Katy and Will. They went to see Katy's friend. So, I just have Sam and Bari Ray- (besides Joey and Jillian). Anytime we have 1 less person around, every thing gets a little easier. Sad, but true.

I got an email from my step son Dane. He is being transferred to Ft. Knox. It will be nice to have him a little closer. I'm sure his dad is thrilled.

Work is still great. Ups and downs, but the ups far outweigh the downs. Little side note, I met Pete Rose last Monday. He was in my shop for almost an hour.

I'm tired, I took Madeline and Katy to the airport at 3 this morning- after having the wedding show yesterday- after setting up the wedding show late the night before (after working all day). It was one long weekend.