Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday night- 5 days and counting- - -

Well, considering that none of my usual readers have had children old enough to move out of the house ( sorry Michelle, college doesn't count- they come back), I will give you-all a little information on the subject. Yes, at some point, you really ARE anxious (and happy) for your children, your sweet, kissy, lovey, innocent children to leave your comforting, secure, safe, arms to go out into the big bad world. Yes. Really. But, it doesn't mean you aren't going to miss them, or worry a little, or call to check (although you would NEVER say that was why they were calling).

Katy moved to the new apartment Saturday morning. It was a little surreal. Sunday when we got back from the dance competition, we drove over to 'help'. (As in "Mom, can you come over when you get back to help?"). I helped arrange and hang pictures, and give advise (much needed advise) on how to put together a kitchen table without the correct screws. Mom can be quite handy.

Like I said, it was surreal, mostly because when I left, she didn't come with me, she stayed there. Weird.

In how many? 5 days she'll be someone's wife. That is REALLY surreal. I will probably cry. Mostly because she will be beautiful. And scared. And someone else's responsibility. And because I am old and my children (who aren't children anymore) are ready to leave me. I will also cry because I'm happy. My mom cried when I married Katy's dad, but I'm sure it wasn't because she was happy.

Just wait until your children leave the house- not for missions, or to go to school, but to be married. To start a life. A new life. Their own life.

I am really REALLY happy. I am so happy. . . . . . I'm crying.