Saturday, March 1, 2008

Satuday morning

Good morning Bloggers- I only have a couple of minutes before chaos becomes a reality. I have 5 little girls in my livingroom - leftovers from a birthday party sleepover for Madeline last night. Yes- my life is Fun AND EXCITING. Which leads me to the real purpose of the morning blog.

Katy's wedding is April 26. She and Josh are getting married in a beautiful old Christian church in Monterey, Ohio (near Owensille). The reception is at a hall called- Receptions Eastgate. They have invited 150 people to the wedding/reception. I know this is not the 'typical' invite-everyone-in-the-ward type wedding. Sorry. I hope no one is offended. Honestly, if Katy had her way there would only be about 75 people invited, she is not one who likes a lot of attention. We have the invitations all mailed out, the flowers ordered, cake chosen, DJ and photographer on contract. My mother-in-law will host the Rehersal dinner. Yes, a full blown, all-out traditional Prodestant wedding. Am I dissapointed that she isn't haveing a temple wedding? of Course. Josh is a really good match for her. He is all LDS- just not wet yet.

Because of the traditions in our church, I just wanted to post the wedding plans, so the information will 'get out there'. To those who have received invitations- please use the response card to RSVP. The kids are getting worried about how many guests will show up.

I love you all. I wish I could afford to invite everyone to a HUGE party to celebrate. Josh and Katy are paying for almost everything. Besides- it's her wedding, not mine (I only had 45 people and mine!)