Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to the norm. . . . the busy-busy norm

  It is about time I got back to the normalcy of blogging. Where else can I write every little bitty thing about my day?
   It is Tuesday, Church Activity night. I have already gone from work - to Madeline's physical Therapy - to Subway - to home. So, see how my life goes? Go here and then Go There.
  I really can't complain. Yes. We have been busy, but life is good. Bari and I have been to 2 Bridal Shows already this year. There have already been some follow up meetings and bookings. (The latest is for a May wedding at the Cincinnati Zoo!). We have also had the opportunity to go to a photography Trade show here. That is always good for us. It gives us a chance to physically check out products (primarily wedding album/books) that we have seen in catalog's or on line. There were a couple of pieces of equipment that we needed to ask about, also. And (I am so excited) I have a new Tripod! We have 2 tripods- a new one Bari bought a couple of years ago, and an ancient model that was hard to use. Guess which one I got? Well, it only made sense, because I am usually up in the balcony of a church, and I don't move around as much as Bari during a wedding, but now, I am more mobile. The goal is for me to shoot more. For that, I needed a new one.

 Speaking of new things, (and old equipment that no longer works)- we got a new bedroom set, with a king size bed/mattress. Have I ever blogged about the joys (not) of having a Water bed. A queen size water bed. Yep. I was getting really tired of trying to get out of it every morning. And there were times I just wanted to prop myself up and that was impossible. And then, there were the tiny leaks that were starting to be a problem. So, all of that lead to the necessity of a new bed/mattress. Last Tuesday it was finally delivered. The last couple of hours bailing out that stupid water-mattress was horrific. But the new king is fantastic.

So, moving on- the kids all seem to be doing well. Katy is busy planning William's 2nd birthday party. Madeline is busy planning her 14th. I had lunch with Joey last Saturday, and he is moving forward with his recovery. Sam still struggles, we will be meeting with the school psychologist next week. Bari Ray is deep into classes and work. He has the best relationship with Sam right now. It is heartwarming to see them together.

  Work is busy- home is busy. Life is normal.