Thursday, August 28, 2008

So sorry- - - but........

Well, I'm probably the only Stake member who was (a little) happy Elder Ballard wasn't able to be at Conference last weekend. Now, don't get me wrong, I would not wish ill health on anyone, but, at the same time, I did have a feeling of relief. Relief because we were in Clyde the whole weekend, and weren't able to make conference. My brother had called MONTHS ago to ask which weekend was better for us. He was making the trip to Chicago from Boston (Cambridge MA- actually), and wanted to meet up with us at my Mom's. We haven't seen his family since our wedding 4 years ago- so I was pretty excited. Until, of course, I heard Elder Ballard was to attend. UMMM- well, since I chose the weekend, I couldn't very well tell them that all of a sudden my plans had changed. So- again, I was a little relieved that Elder Ballard was a no show.

The trip was FABULOUS! had a great time with my brother, his wife and 2 boys. They were fun to be around. My mom was in very good health (and spirits) the whole time. Katy and Josh were able to make the trip too. My mom hadn't met Josh yet, so that was a riot all unto itself. (I think he found out just how much like my mother I am)- and Katy is following right in my footsteps. YEA!
We all went to the (only) Italian Restaurant in Clyde (actually, it's about the only sit-down restaurant of any kind in Clyde) on Saturday night. It was fun. Did some Geocaching on Sunday.

The only really hard part of the weekend (actually there were two parts that were hard)- Mom's house is really OLD- and has no air conditioning. It was HOT. I remember summers very well, you go outside to sit on the porch to find a breeze and then when you can't take that anymore, you go inside and sit in front of a fan for a while. Wow, years of summers like that. I'm getting soft- I couldn't wait to sit in my car with the air going (thank's again Dave!).
The other sad news (this is more serious) is that we found out a little more about why my Mom hasn't heard from my sis in Michigan. I won't share all the details- and there were - lots - of details. Just let me vent a little bit. I can stand it if my sis chooses to be non communicative to me, it is her loss. But it really makes me mad when I find out that she won't speak to my Mom. I'm STILL really upset about it all.

ANYway---- like I said, it was a really good visit. We sat around and tried to explain cell phone commercials to mom. She is such fun. I really need to visit more often.- Especially since my sis isn't making the drive down anymore.- - - -
Missed you all- I know conference was great, even without Elder Ballard. I'm sorry I had to miss it. Saturday evening meetings are my favorite. I'm looking forward to the next one- and I'll TRY not to schedule anything else that weekend!