Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 3 and Ochocinco

  So, yesterday was pretty typical for me. Work. Work. Oh, yea, and more work. You need 33 movie posters measured, drymounted, glassed and framed (all around 27x40 inches) in 3" wide moulding? Sure, no problem, let me just finish up the 56 (FIFTY-SIX) pieces for the Reds first.

In the middle of this day, I have a visit from one of the corporate clients I've been working with. They have 3 - 4 separate projects I am doing for them. Now, their company sets up sports camps for pro players -basketball, football, soccer - - -whatever. And the player usually uses this as a way to promote their charity. The company finds sponsors for the camp and the pro athlete. I then frame mini posters, or photographs of the athlete with sponsors, and signature cuts. (Signature cuts are small cards with the pro player's autograph).

Yes, so in the middle of my day, one of the companies shows up. We discuss his new projects, one of which is a multi-opening piece with a mini poster, and Chad Ochocinco's card/signature cut.  Fine. I put everything in a large manila envelope, and set it aside.  Vicki had been working on some graphics for me and I had to give her some information from this meeting immediately. We had made changes in a design, and I needed to tell her before she got too far into it.         THEN, I got a phone call (from the same corporate client) just to review a couple of things.      THEN I went to pick up the envelope to make a couple of notes and COULD NOT FIND IT  . . . . . .ANYWHERE.

Everyone looked. Everyone looked everywhere.

I don't loose things. ESPECIALLY not signature pieces. ESPECIALLY not Chad Ochocinco. 4 Chad Ochocinco cards. Not 1 card, FOUR cards.      GEEEEEZZZzzzzzz.

After getting home, going to bed with a migraine. I looked on my desk this morning and saw 2 manila envelopes with the same name on both. I thought, "why does he have 2 envelopes?". Yep, you guessed it. One was turned over, so I didn't see the correct name. It was on my desk the whole time.


And that's not all.

When I started framing the pieces I noticed something odd about the  signature cards.

They were copies. The cards didn't have original Ochocinco signatures on them. They aren't worth squat.

And I had a migraine over them.

And then my boss told me we have an additional order of 88 movie posters. yea.

And then (yes- there is more- and yes, this is how my days really do roll)...... my boss told us that we were asked to put a bid together for the Reds Hall of Fame for 500 pieces.

yep  . . . .500