Saturday, October 3, 2009

Once again - - -

Once again I've missed a whole month of blogging. And as I've checked (and checked and rechecked) other blogs - some of you have missed a month of blogging too. That's ok- I guess I need to learn how to Facebook.

So this was a neat summer. My brother and his wife and 2 teenage sons visited for a couple of days at the end of the summer. We don't get to see each other nearly enough, so it was quite a treat. They met us at a baseball game (and the Reds actually won that night!), and there were fireworks too, so that was fun. We also spent quite a bit of time at the American Sign Museum at the Essex art complex. It was really neat to see it with my brother. I had been there at least once before with Bari. My dad was a sign painter by trade. I remember his shop, and how he would letter the trucks seemingly with out much more than a steady hand. As we walked through the museum with the curator, I learned so much about my dad. Randy (being older- and the only boy) had a different relationship with Dad than I did. I'm sure I just didn't pay much attention to what was going on most of the time. Anyway, Randy went with Dad to paint the big billboards along the highway. I had forgotten that. He talked about what it was like to work with dad, and be that high up on scaffolding. Something I really didn't remember (I don't think I ever knew this)- Randy told me that Dad's dream was to become a Mural Painter. He even had some schooling set up in Berea, Ky when they lived in Richmond (Ky). But because of some family challenges, they had to leave Ky and move back to Ohio. That makes me a little sad, but even more proud of dad at the same time. I can't imagine giving up on a dream when it is so close- and to do it because - because - I don't really know why, except he had to support the family, and my mom, and that constituted moving back. In a side note, Randy said that Dad's talent for mural work made him a kind of specialist in the billboard field, because he could accurately paint a scene on one of those HUGE signs, and have it make sense to the viewer who was driving down the highway a 1/2 mile away. I miss my Dad.

Sam and I took a quick trip to my Mom's just before school started. We sat and talked most of the time. It was so quiet, and the weather so perfect, I actually started and finished a book while sitting on her front porch. Man, I really need a patio or something.

I went back (to the Clyde/Fremont/Sandusky area) with Bari in September and set up displays at another wedding show. We visited Mom a couple more times that weekend. She seems well. Bari and went up to Marblehead to the lighthouse and had a family member (my cousin's youngest daughter) model on the rocks for us. It was really fun to do that kind of shoot. Oh, she was in a wedding dress, sunglasses, rocks with waves crashing- really neat stuff.

Back in July and August we were sending Madeline to a different dance studio to get their opinion of her strength as a dancer. It was kind of cool, and stressful at the same time because they liked her so much, and she did so well, that she made their Competition team, too. So there was a week or so when she was on 2 teams for 2 studios. In the end, we decided to stay at the same studio where she has been for the last 5 years. They have added some (needed) classes in tumbling (for Hip Hop) and stretch (for Lyrical and Ballet). I just wasn't sure if we could commit to the new studio with the changes in Bari's job and the distance (it was near Ward's Corner). Madeline was good with either place. Thank heavens.

So Bari has been at home working for about a month now. He seems much more relaxed in lots of ways. And stressed in the same ways (money). He has worked diligently with the website, the promotions and the brides. The bonuses are the dinners every night, Madeline taken to dance, and Sam to Trombone lessons. It is less stressful for me. I think he is finding that there still aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. It seems like a really long time when you are away from home, at a job- but the time flies here- photo production, telephone calls, emails, dinner, Kroger, laundry and cat box. Yep, less stressful.

Honestly, I still am convinced that this is a really good move for Bari. He really has so much more talent that he knows. I just need to find a way to let the rest of Cincinnati know too.

I think that's all for now. My job is still really good. It is very physical, so I get tired (I'm not a spring chicken any more ! ! ). But I do like my boss, and the other women I work with. The framing is interesting most of the time. Every once in a while, there are hard - very boring - projects. Right now I have 73+ movie posters to frame before next Friday. They are 40inches tall and about 27inches wide, and get 4 1/2 inch wide moulding (which I have to cut and join). Along with dry mounting, and glass. Yes, it is every bit as physical as it sounds. Not one of my fun jobs- but then again they all can't be fun. Speaking of fun (or not) I just found out that I get to work a booth at the Golf Show (yea!)- the Home and Garden Show (YEA!) and Redsfest (WHOOT! ! ).

On a final note-- St X beat ELDER! ! ! ! (Bari Ray is on the Spirit team- - - -).

Miss you-all- Don't forget to blog once in a while.