Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More odds than ends- - - -

Cute pics of Katy--- Look closely at the cake. The candles look suspiciously like the Maneuverability cones. (Her step dad thinks he's funny).

Odds and ends- - - -

Well, I'm going to try to get a couple of pictures posted. I think most of you saw the kids at Halloween, but I'm posting some anyway. There are a couple of others you might recognize.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Eve

It's Sunday night. I've ended my fast, and reflected on my blog. I was reflecting on my thoughts for the day and this is what I have learned. I didn't have any epiphanies. I have true knowledge.

This is what my fast has led me to; My Father in Heaven knows me - knows my Drama. He knows Sam and our situation with him medically and financially. He will help my husband and I deal with this in His own time and in His own way. Either way, it will mean greater understanding of His Love for us and our son.

I also learned that we (LDS people) love each other. We covenant to help, support and serve one another, the least and the greatest among us. So, from this I know that if I have a concrete need that can be met somehow, and I need help, I MUST ask, and ACCEPT the help given for my family.

And most of all I learned that prayers can and will be answered. I need to step up and pray MORE and study the scriptures MORE. In otherwords, I need to do my part. Therefore, I'm recommitted to personal scripture study every morning, and more quiet time to reflect and ponder the Lords Will in my life.

Thank you for this forum, that I may vent, cry, be frustrated, and pray. Your love and support lift me when I feel as if I am in the midst of the ocean. (Remember my fear of water?).

My drama---

I don't really like drama in my life, but it seems to follow me wherever I go.
I know we don't usually tell each other when we are fasting, or what our purpose is, but I consider all of my fellow bloggers family (since I'm a 1st generation in my own family).
The day (last Friday) when Katy got her drivers license, we (Bari and I) also had a meeting at Sam's school. The meeting was with the Principal, the Speech Pathologist, and the school Psychologist. They had done some extensive observation and screening for Sam. He had already been diagnosed with ADD. There had been some changes in his medication and his workload. However, there was not significant change in his behavior or study skills relating to those changes. It was a very open discussion, we felt very good about being able to discuss his behavior at home and at school. Finally, as we exhausted all the Educational data and reasoning for his behavior, the Principal told us that they all had a theory concerning Sam's status. It was purely their educational experience and teaching experience and the close relationship we have with the principal, that they told us they thought Sam has some form of Autism. He is highly functioning, and can do many things, and reason and learn in many ways. However, it was their opinion that there were even more red flags pointing to this disorder.
Now, this took me about a week to digest.
I took the paperwork from the school and delivered it to the Dr.s office on Friday. Friday night the Dr called and we had a long conversation on the phone about all the results and the opinions of the school administrators. He has initially agreed with their assessment of his symptoms. He is sending us to Children's Behavior something-something (I can't remember)- At Children's Hospital. ---More Drama--He probably can't get into the Autism drs. for FOUR months.
More Drama-- Sam's Step Mom called. She carries the kids insurance. You guessed it, it is changing the first of the year, AND since they live in northern Ohio, the new plan doesn't include Hamilton County or even Franklin (Columbus) Co. I might have to take Sam to Toledo for any treatment. And the new Deductibles are Sky High.
We have no Health Insurance to speak of. Bari carries mine and it is very expensive. He has been trying to get into UPS just for the insurance benefits.
So, back to my Fast today. I am at a loss as to exactly what to fast for. Help for Sam is too general. Affordable Insurance would be great (even the Lord can Provide Miracles). I need more that just Peace of Mind. I just want HELP. Help for Sam, financial help for the family. I hate drama.