Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Evening

I've wanted to update this for a couple of days. Tonight Madeline is at dance until 8:30, Sam, Bari Ray and Bari are at church. It is almost 7, so I only have an hour and a half to myself. It's kind of like sending your first child off to Kindergarten, and imagining the day without him. And then realizing that it's half-day Kindergarten, and he is only gone about 4 hours.

So I have a little bit of time to catch up. Katy is feeling really good. She feels the baby move all the time. It is such an exciting time for them. I'm glad it is all very boring and normal. Next week, on Thursday she has an ultrasound and will find out the sex. I'm looking forward to it.

Joey is all settled in his new digs- for the next 6 months. He is taking it well, with a good dose of humility. He has a good friend, Jillian who is being the 'voice of reason' right now. She's been telling him that this is the time to make a plan for when he gets out. What does he want to do, and how can he accomplish it? For some reason, it is better coming from her than from me. Oh well, I don't care as long as he finally gets THE MESSAGE, and grows up. Katy and I went to see him last Saturday, it was emotionally draining. I finally told the kids on Saturday morning. They took it pretty well, had a few questions, and got just a little teary when they realized that he wouldn't be around for the holidays. But all in all, they know Joey is doing the right thing, and this does not reflect on them.

It is now Thursday and I'm going to try to finish this before any more children come home from school. My blogging was interrupted by a 45 minute call from my loving husband who missed me, and wanted to talk.

Soooo- Bari Ray is in a play at McAuley High School. Anyway, the girls school is always looking for guys who are willing to do male rolls in their theater productions. He seems to be enjoying it. (Ha)- it is Pride and Prejudice.

I'm almost through my 2nd week at the Tri-county store. I miss Pam and Cristyn. Really badly. I do like the woman I work with, but there is a little adjustment going on. She talks ALL THE TIME. And she doesn't own a TV, so she talks all the time and repeats her self. And she doesn't even know what Project Runway is! I forgot my aspirin today. It was bad. She's a good framer though, and she is nice, and not too crabby. (Most framers are crabby - just so you know). So, I'm sure it will all work out - but I miss Pam and Cristyn anyway. Oh- Chelle- I did have a customer go to Kenwood, ask where I was, and then come to Tri- Co. to find me. AND he had something fairly interesting to frame. I'll get over this, at some point, but right now it's hard.

Well, time's up, I need to heat up some Chili for Madeline before she goes off to dance. Sam should be in the door at any time, it's time to put on the Mom Hat- - - - -- well-----Make that the Super Mom Hat!!!!!!!!!!