Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's try again . . . . .

So, it's Tuesday. Everyone is at church or school and I am at home ALONE. (hurray) Writing on my Blog. (hurray). And typing with one hand because I'm eating a Klondike bar with the other (sugar free) (hurray- - - -challenging, but definitely worth it!).

  If it is at all possible, this week is busier than ever. We have Redsfest coming up next weekend, and are setting up 2 Costco displays. On top of all that, I still have custom framing to do. It's all good. I work with some wonderful people. Thank heavens they are all team players. Although, they (both Lynne and Greg- the other 2 framers) have crowned me - "the Responsible One". Yea, that means I take charge of all the stuff no one else wants to do. I don't mind it, but it does get to be a lot extra stress sometimes. So, for instance, these are some of the things that either I do all the time, or things that occasionally someone else will do too. (By occasionally, I mean, when I am on vacation, or crying in the bathroom because I am overwhelmed [no- I don't cry in the bathroom- at work anyway] ).
  *I clean the Mymaki (printer) every morning. There is a special cleaning on Mondays, too. Also make sure the cleaning solutions are ordered when they get low.
 *I keep inventory of all the length moulding, mats and glass.
 * Keep inventory of all frames made that day, size, number made, and moulding type.
  *Keep inventory of all the movie posters we have. Keep a sheet of specific posters, and organize all the rolls of posters. So, if my boss (just like tonight before I left) yells from his office -"Do We Have Hoosiers?" He isn't talking to anyone else. I look at my list and yell back -"Yea, One!" and he replies- "Ok- Pull It Out - Steve Needs It Tomorrow!'. So, I'm framing a poster tomorrow.
*I do almost all of the corporate custom framing projects. Not only do we frame for the Reds Baseball team, I frame for CBTS (Cincinnati Bell), ProCamps and lots others.
 *I check all the saw blades and change them when needed.
  Anyway, the list goes on and on. I wasn't going to blog about all of this, I was going to write about this past weekend.

Saturday I worked until noon, and then went downtown (Price Hill) to visit Joey. I brought him some clothes. He has broken off his relationship with his girlfriend, and because of this, he doesn't have anything, not clothes, not blankets, nothing. I already took a coat and blanket and some shirts. Anyway, he is at the Prospect House. It seems to be helping him. He is always surprised to see me. I stayed for the Family Meeting. There was a woman conducting the meeting that had not done it before. It was mostly about her life and how AA had helped her. At the end there were questions. I didn't find it particularly helpful or interesting, but I was there to support Joey any way I could. We (Joey and I) talked for a while. I met his counselor.  Stayed about 2 hours.
 Drove home, and was there for only about 30 minutes before Bari and I left to go to a Thanksgiving dinner that his step-brother was having. That was interesting. Bari's step-brother Miquel's ex-wives were there. They were both there last year also. Anyway, we went back this year, because Miquel is planning on moving back to Panama at the end of next year, and so, won't have anymore Thanksgiving dinners. So, we went.
  Got home (after stopping by Kroger), at about 10. At that time, I baked 3 Pumpkin pies. Went to bed at midnight.
  Got up at 6:30, baked the cake part of a Pumpkin Roll and went to Church. After church, our delightful Home Teachers came by. When they left, I finished the Pumpkin Roll, and made Sam a frozen pizza (what is wrong with that picture?). I also, did some post-production work on a set of portraits for a client we were meeting.
 We left for Katy's around 2:30, on the way, stopped by a restaurant where our customer was waiting for us. We delivered a package of pictures to her of her daughter.
 Headed on to Katy's and got there around 4. My oldest step-son, Dane and his wife, Yuka, were there. We had a really nice time visiting. Yuka is wild- literally. She was wrestling on the floor with Sam. He had a great time though. I gave Dane a baseball that Pete Rose personalized for him. He was so excited. (Oh yea, I almost forgot- Pete was in Cincinnati about 4 days last week. He was in my store on Monday and Thursday).
 So, we had a good time catching up with Dane. I hadn't seen him since Katy's wedding. They are thinking about coming up at Christmas. Dane is in the Army, and is now stationed at Fort Knox. I am just thrilled that all the brothers and sisters might have a strong relationship. Dane was already out of the house when we had Madeline and Sam. So I love seeing them interact and get to know each other. Family is so important.
 That's my weekend and more.
 Gonna bake more pies tonight to take tomorrow.
 Have a great Thanksgiving! (2 down, one to go!).