Friday, September 28, 2007

Saturday again? Nope-it's Friday

Most of the time I don't know what day it is. Could be stress, could be ADD, could be I never learned them in the correct order in the first place. I have selective memory. I remember my stepson's birthday but always have to ask Katy or count backward to get the right birth year for Sammy. (Then again- I was 38 when I had him- who remembers such things?). I remember when I told my oldest 2 children that we were going to have another baby (they were 10 and 8 years old at the time and we were on a camping trip to Michigan. We saw a free concert of Hoodie and the Blowfish- Is this too long for a thought in perenthasis [sp]). I remember the last time I saw my Dad before he passed from this earth. I also remember when he carried Katy into my Mom's class room when I suprised them with a visit ( she was about 3 weeks old). I don't remember all the cats we have had (sorry Patty), but I know we had at least one Celestial cat. It makes me sad to think that I can't remember some very special times in my life. But I know that I will gain all that knowledge back one day.
I've had the chance to breeze through some other blogs tonight. I love your lives- the young Mom's and their sweet babies, the inspirational stories and insight. I love your comments to one another-the support and humor. I love how we are really all alike- and different. We love the Lord with a passion, we love our children and our lives. We can be different- but it really isn't all that different.
Some time I might write more about my first marriage and how that molded my testimony. I do want to post at least one wedding pic of my sweetie and I, but I'm having a hard time moving files around. I guess I want to share-

Blogs in general

Well, I like this blog thing. I'd love to know more blog addresses (or sites?). It is a fun way to keep in touch, and put thoughts onto a page. I wrote something last night, it was kind of -sort of poetic. I was very sleep deprived at the time. I hope it wasn't too weird. Why is that? Why do I worry about what someone else thinks about my writings?
My husband and kids found out I have a blog. I think they were impressed that I even knew what a blog was. (Don't tell them that I'm still figuring that out). Both of my sisters and my mom are all writers. I enjoy the free thought of this , but I could never be disipined enough to write all the time. Any way, please feel free to pass this blog on to friends, it isn't always interesting, but I do love hearing from the sisters, especially throughout the week when life gets hard and Finneytown is miles away from many of you (even those who live down the street).
So, thanks for your comments and allowing me to write (bad- but from the heart) poetry to you. It's been a REALLY long time since I've felt even remotely close to sisters in my ward.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I used to work for an office where- when information was given in the most brief form, while the issuer was passing through the room (followed later with- "what? I told you-don't you remember?". That was given the title of a Fly-By. Basically, someone flies by you, distributing information as they go. You are neither prepared for the information, or understanding what exactly the purpose of the information is. OK. I think sometimes the Lord gives us Fly-By answers to kind-of/sort-of prayers. You know the prayer- I need this or that, but you are not really seriously praying, your just thinking about praying. Well, I think I had a Fly-By answer to a suggested prayer. I think about finding another job every now and then. I look in the paper and realize that I really don't have much experience outside of my industry. I think about how you move from one type of job to another, but I get discouraged, realize I do like my current job and forget about it. Sunday a possible opportunity popped up out of no where. Nothing may come of this, I don't know. The job is in a different field, different responsibilities, different part of the city. It is a Fly-By chance to do something different. I think the Lord understands Fly-Bys.

thoughts on jobs

We were watching Dirtiest Jobs Sat night and there was a crew of men painting the Mackinac Bridge. It is 5 miles long, and I don't know how high. The TV personality (Mike) was with a crew member in side one of the towers. It was extremely difficult to manuver around in the little cell/area where he was painting. There were over 1000 of these spaces to sand and paint.
Mike made the comment that no one ever sees this guy do this difficult job. If, however, the job doesn't get done, the integrity of the bridge could be compromised. Mike asked the crewman why he does it, the man answered "because, it need to be done, and somebody has to do it." I've been thinking about that a lot this weekend. There are a lot of jobs that just 'need doin'. How many jobs do we have responsibility for that we don't ever get recognition for? I bet we have more things to do that aren't recognized, than those which are recognized. Of course we-as women- don't go through our day doing things that only gain attention. I was also watching (I think it's called) -Jim and Kate Makes Eight. Anyway, it's a reality type show with this couple who have a set of twins, and a set of quads. 6 kids all under the age of ????? I don't know , but the quads are really little, maybe 2. At one point in the show, Kate told about giving the quads their breathing treatments in the afternoon. She said something with an attitude like- this really interrupts her day (the breathing treatments). I was shocked. Who is going to tell this mom that -This Is Her Day- 6 little kids, it isn't going to get much better. I know how she feels, I had a period of time when all the kids stuff-the bus, the homework, dinner, whatever- all were interruptions. I finally Got A Clue----this IS my life, this is not an exception to it!!!! That made everything better. When I stopped looking for what I thought I should be doing, and realized that I was doing it (to the best of my sanity at the moment)-Life got soooo much easier.
Now don't be fooled, I really don't spend my days watching TV-

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sammy is a dandy

Well, after having a really hard nosed Sammy day; "I don't wanna go to church, why do I hafta go? I don't wanna leave church, all my friends are here. And, MOM! Can you get me---(no) MOM, Madeline is" ----(leave Madeline alone Sam). After a day of this we were making a real effort to read scriptures again. About 15 minutes of Sammy and Madeline trading verses, Sammy says
"I think this is written in British". Ha!
I love how the Lord works in our family. We've really been on again, off again with our scripture study. The kids don't mind it (suprise), but it always seems too late, or just not planned into our evening routine. So, tonight I realized that Sammy is supposed to read/or be read to, for 20 minutes a night. Madeline is supposed to read 30 minutes a night. Solution- read scriptures together-Sammy and Madeline the primary readers, and we can really get this done.
After today's RS lesson, I've really been trying to figure out who I am. My kids will say I'm a grouch most of the time (I blame that on THE CHANGE, or stress), my husband will say that I'm still the love of his life (no matter how crabby I am). I worry about being something that I'm not. I don't know why I can't just accept that I can be a pretty nice person. Why is that so hard?