Friday, April 23, 2010

An exhausting 2 weeks

 Here are a few updates.
Katy got her tests back. Her kidney function is normal. I don't know how that is possible. She has 1 kidney, and that one is 'scarred' and not a 'true' kidney shape. Along with the fact that she is carrying TWINS ! Whatever. I just can't believe it.

 Also, she got back some of her Amnio tests. They have a negative result for any chromosome abnormality. So I guess they are ruling out Down's Syndrome. Although, baby A is still quite small, and seems to have other abnormalities. There has been some discussion that baby A may be in distress when delivered. And with all the challenges he has already, that he might not make it to delivery. Katy is cautiously optimistic. I think you have to be if you are a mom of any kind. How could you give up when you can feel him move, and hear his heartbeat? She has a pretty healthy 'wait-and-see' attitude, but knows she will not want to put baby B - who is very healthy - at risk. So, the plan is to (possibly) deliver in 2-3 more weeks (she will be 28-29 weeks). If baby A becomes distressed before that, she will probably not deliver if the outcome will put undue pressure on B. This week has been one of the most stressful I have ever had.

Just a bit of info  . . . little William is staying with a great family from their church. The Standish family have twins of their own and have had the same long term hospital stay. On the weekends Josh takes Will. On Saturdays and Sundays after church, Josh takes little Will to the hospital to see his Mama. Usually this is the only time through the week that Josh sees Katy too. It has always been Katy's priority that Josh visit William every weekday morning before he goes to work. They live so far from the hospital that it is not logical to try to do both. Katy thinks it is much more important for William to have a visit every day from Dada, than for her to have a visit from her husband. Again, thank heavens she is pretty close to us. I have been able to go almost every (weekday) night to visit. I think I have only missed one so far.

  On top of this, work was crazy, it always is when Pete (Rose) is in town. And Joe Morgan (Big Red Machine 2nd baseman- MVP, HOF) stopped by the shop on Wednesday also. It all keeps my boss busy, and a little cranky sometimes.

  Last weekend Madeline and I were in Indianapolis for a dance competition. Normally, this doesn't happen, but last weekend we didn't get home until about 1am. She had one dance on Saturday night, and 5 dances on Sunday. She was exhausted. They scored really well, so that helped.

    Last but not least, Bari and I spent Saturday morning (before I left for Indi) at the PNC Bank in Finneytown. I had the unpleasant opportunity of having someone withdraw money from atm's from my account. We would like to find out who it is. Doesn't that sound reasonable? Even though it had been happening at our 2 local branches, Friday night, money was also withdrawn from a branch on Linn St. Do you know where that is? I had to look it up too. DOWNTOWN. And the PNC people WON'T let me look at the VIDEO from any of the transactions. Now, let me ask you  IS THAT HELPING ME? no. I think not.  PNC is NOT customer friendly. I Highly suggest that any of you who might have had National City, and now use PNC-  . . . .RUN- take your money and RUN. We are changing banks asap.

 OH, I  forgot about the wedding we had on Friday. It was fun, lots of pictures in lots of locations. It make Friday seem like a Saturday. My brother and his family ran through town Thursday night, so that was fun, and I'm sure something else has happened that I have completely forgotten about. But, I'm tired, time for bed and a quiet weekend.