Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Prayer needed- - - - -

2 weeks ago a little girl almost drowned in Winton Woods pond. She was pulled to safety and sent to Children's. Her family goes to the same church in Mason as my assistant Pam. There is a blog of information on her condition. Please visit gracegoodday.blogspot.com. The family would appreciate any words of encouragement and prayer on their behalf.
Thank you.

My ABC's-

Some of these things might be a little different than some of the other lists I've seen. Here we go.

A- Attached or single. Yes, I'm attached to pretty much everyone I know. I can be quite a pest. I am especially attached to my sweet, adoring husband!

B- Best friends. I have quite a few GOOD friends, but I think my 2 BEST friends are Margaret, and Patty.

C-Cake or Pie? Cake. Pie begins with a 'P'. I got 3 cakes for my birthday, homemade Lemon (kids), Buskin (my boss), Peach Crumb Cake (Pam) and 2 cupcakes also from Buskin (Cristyn).

D- Day. The day after Christmas, everything slows down, the kids are happy, I'm not as busy.

E- Essential Item. Cell Phone- and Contact Lenses.

F- Favorite Color. Let's all say this together - - - - Orange.

G- Greatest Accomplishment. Great Kids.

H- Hometown. Clyde, Ohio.

I- Indulgences. If we don't count the birthday cakes- - - Diet Soda.

J- January- July -Jam - Jelly. (I added a couple). July, who doesn't like the warm weather. Besides, I'm going to Gatinburg with Madeline this July.

K-Kids. Dane, Katy, Joey, Bari Ray, Madeline, Sammy. Do I add Josh when Katy get's married?

L- Life is incomplete without---Madeline (she told me to write that!). I was going to put Project Runway or The Amazing Race.

M- Marriage. May 28, 2004.

N- Number of siblings. 3

O- Orange or apples. Well, oranges start with an O. Apples should have been listed under 'A".
I eat more apples, but like the flavor of oranges better.

P-Phobia-Fears. Water, swimming.

Q- Quote. As said by my Mother EveryTime we left the house,"Be Careful! All the Nuts are out!"
(Yes, really)

R- Reason to smile. Sammy just gave me a kiss.

S-Season. SPRING! The squirrels in my back yard are changing from winter gray, to summer brown. Did you know they change colors?

T-Totally Cool. Madeline (again). I'm not (cool-that is).

U- Unknown Fact. Bari and I took a Swing Class when we were first married. We never finished the class.

V-Vegetarian Dish. I don't make too many. Almost eveything I make has hamburger or chicken in it.

W- Worst Habit. Waiting too long to dye my hair.

X- Xtra-Special Date. April 3, 2007. My Sealing date to Bari.

Y- Your favorite food. Well, I don't know what YOUR fav is, mine is old fashioned Pot Roast cooked on the stove in a big pot with all the veggies.

Z- Zodiac Pisces. Chinese Calendar- Rat.

I know I changed a few things. I hope it made this a little more interesting. Madeline helped. (and Danced).