Friday, April 3, 2009

LIfe is good

I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry.

Wow- Life is good. Katy/Baby Will/Josh are all doing well. There are the usual bumps in the road of New Babies and New Jobs- but really- it is just fine. They are almost at their one year mark. What a year it has been for them. I'm really proud of Katy, she has decided it is time to address a 'dragon' of her past. I can't explain exactly what it is-maybe sometime later- just let me say, it is a BIG -REALLY big deal that she had finally decided to take action to confront a skeleton in her closet. And I am soooo proud.

Joey- wow again. It is a complete turn around. He and Jillian are still with us. He keeps the living room and downstairs clean- it is amazing. He is fun and funny. He is taking seriously the challenges he has ahead of himself (I think this has motivated Katy to move forward in uncomfortable places in her own life). And he even said prayer at our family meeting on Wednesday. It was really nice to see him such a part of the family. He really has become a good example.

Bari Ray just keeps plugging along and improving with every step. His grades are through the roof. And that is with Early Morning Seminary and TX (theater- performance). I am really proud of him. He doesn't complain (that I know of) -and just tries his best. There was a debate if he was allowed to go to the Reds opening day game. My Bari was wishy-washy about the whole thing with it being a school day and all. I was the one who finally said- of course he should go- My gosh- the kid as worked his butt off- he really deserves to go this year. Yea for him. He is going with Alfonso-his uncle.

Madeline just finished her first competition in Indianapolis last weekend. It went pretty well. The first one is always the hardest. There are quite a few changes that will be made because of the judges suggestions. She really likes the competition side of dance, but she has been asked to do some really hard things this year. The next competition is here in Cinci at Winton Woods HS the weekend of the 24th. It is free to the public. I'll try to post suggested times for her dance routines if you want to go and watch. It is hard- because they rarely dance exactly when the time is.

Sammy just keeps improving- but we still have a long way to go. I met with his 'team' this week, and it is always hard to take that dose of reality. But- like I said, it is not all bad- he is really good in Math, and even his reading comprehention is better than expected. We still need to work on his Social Skills. We see improvements at home. He is more likely to do something that he is asked to do- instead of just pouting or saying no. Speaking of Sam- it is time to get him off to school.

That's the update for now-