Friday, May 16, 2008

The circle of life - - - -

The circle of Life - or- 2 funerals and a wedding.

My (Bari's) niece died this morning. She was 9 years old. She had Cerebral Palsy. The last couple of days of her life were spent with loving members of her family holding court at her bedside at Children's Hospital. We have spent the last couple of days also with the family. Some of the family are holding up pretty well. It is a difficult time burying a child. The grandparents are not coping well with the loss. It seems that those who have some faith, even a little bit of faith, are dealing with grief much better than those who do not. Maddie really did change those around her. She had a marvelous life. She saw and did many things for such a young girl. I think she was tired of missing out on all the dancing at the weddings she has gone to. We love you Maddie - - - dance on!!!!

Maddie's funeral is Saturday at noon. Bari and I are photographing a wedding at 3. It is a contract for another photographer, and we can't get out of it. It will be difficult, but we'll manage.

There is another funeral on Monday, in Chattanooga, for Bari's Step-Mom's father. Bari's dad (also Bari), and step-mom Linda were on the way here on Tuesday, they got as far as Knoxville when they got the call that Linda's dad died. Bari and Linda went back to Chattanooga, made funeral arrangements and Bari drove back up here. Linda and other TN relatives will be driving up tomorrow for the funeral Saturday. I guess it will be a caravan back down on Sunday morning. Bari and I (my Bari) will also be driving down on Sunday and returning on Monday after the funeral.

Throw in Dance photos, Seminary graduation, scout camp outs, birthdays, modeling shoot, wedding rehersal meeting, and regular work stuff and it could possibly be even crazier than normal. And our normal is pretty crazy.