Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wait a minute. . . . . .

Wait a minute- for the record, I LOVE Primary. I have served as almost every teacher, and every leadership position. I already LOVE the kids we have. I'm just going to miss RS, that's all. In all these changes, I just didn't think I'd be leaving RS. BUT THAT'S OK ! Change is good. Growing and stretching, remember? it's good.

OK- Bari didn't get the part-time job he was counting on. I am disappointed. The grand plan was to work the part time job to the point where he could do just that and our weddings. The part time job has benefits, and he really needs to get out of the studio where he working now. Eventually, I would work only part time at the frame shop and also the wedding business. Like I said, it is disappointing.

I think I need to start ending each blog with something positive. I can get really depressed this time of year. The girls I work with laugh at me because I don't (with a passion) like to watch the Oprah, or Dr Phil shows where they give away all the stuff to the studio audience. Like I care. Why would I care? I'm bustin my buns (and feet and legs standing on concrete) working 40-50+ hours and still can't pay my bills, and get christmas for the kids---and they have free tickets for free stuff. I know call me Mrs Grinch.

So I'm going to end with something good- positive- uplifting.
I took some failed Turtle candy that Katy was trying to make (the caramel never set)- and made them into a yummy treat. That's positive Right? Is this better? I am grateful that I have children who love to try new things, even though they might not turn out. I am grateful that I have a warm house in the winter to protect my family, and although it isn't perfect- and I don't know how to make it perfect- it is ours. My family has a place to call home. A living room to put a tree in front of the window, beds to sleep in every night. I have a working computer to vent to my sisters, who love me even when I vent and am tired. Even though I don't always comment, I check your blogs every day. Your words and lives inspire me. I laugh and cry - sitting in my kitchen. I love you.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bits and Pieces-------

Thanks to all of you who have dropped by our wedding blog. Bari will put pics up periodically, so you might want to check now and then if that sort of thing interests you. We tried to figure out how to put up that ticker thing that Ray and Shayleen were talking about, but couldn't. Any help would be appreciated.
Lets see. I'm tired and frustrated that my husband and I work (sometimes terrible hours) all the time, and can't seem to get ahead. Today I went in at 7:20am and left at 7pm. I should do the same thing tomorrow, but I'll have to take the kids to school, and won't make it to work until about 9. It is a crazy time of year. I like what I do, and who I work with, I even like my boss, but I haven't gotten any raise the whole time I've been there (4 years), and my expenses keep going up. I try to keep all my blessings in mind, but the day to day really gets to me.
Well, the new calling. I'm really looking forward to teaching with my husband. We taught our group last Sunday, and it was really fun. The kids were great. I had a little withdrawl from RS, though. After telling everyone that I was good with leaving, I found out that I wasn't as ready as I thought I was. But, like I said before, after teaching the CTR's last week, I really enjoyed it. I am so impressed with all the sisters (and brothers) serving in the Primary. I wish I would have known how to use my camera phone, I would have a great pic of Shayleen in a Chef hat to post for all of you.
If anyone has the bookclub book I could borrow, I would appreciate that also. I know that it is available at the library, but I don't have time to go. Oh, Sylvia, I have your book. I took the wrong bag to church, I was going to return it Sunday. Thank you for letting me borrow it.
Bari found a blog (I don't know how- oh through his step brother)-ANYWAY----back to the point, Bari found a blog written by a woman he knew in high school. The woman has been diagnosed with multiple personalities. I was beginning to read through some of her entries, but didn't have time to finish. Stories like this make me think about how diverse our trials can be. I guess they are as different as we are.
All right, guess that's all for now. Welcome to the new sisters in th bloggin' neighborhood. Sometimes blogs can be just boring (sorry).-