Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wow- wow- wow- - - -

This was the best weekend ever E-V-E-R!!!! We stayed at the Murphin Ridge Inn. It is only about an hour and a half from here- near Peebles. It is in Adams County, in Amish country.

The cabin was fun! (#7-Frolic) on the on-line brochure. Fireplace, whirlpool tub- NO TV! Relaxing- front porch with rockers, back porch with privacy. In the middle of the country side. Easy walking trails.

I can't even BEGIN to describe the food- yummy - and wow- wow- wow. All homemade, with garden or locally grown ingredients.

All the shopping was Amish made stuff, and antiques. It was close to Serpent Mound. What Fun!

On the way home- really- it was hard to leave- we went to Portsmouth and saw the murals. INcredible!

So now we're back home - laundry waits, kids who need to go to bed NOW! and I am going to go see my Mom tomorrow. Can't wait!

We will return (again and again I hope)- to Murphin Ridge Inn.

Oh, because of the lack of TV and radio- (there was a radio, but we had it on NPR, and weren't listening on Saturday night)- we missed all the excitement with the weather.