Monday, March 31, 2008

Temple dates

Bari and I had a fabulous week of vacation. There were all sorts of suprises, climbing mountains in KY, getting myself locked in a Women's Room stall. But I will expound on every detail at a later date. I need to write about something we heard at the end of the week. I found it all very interesting - on many levels.

Although Bari and I photograph weddings for our own business (check out the web site- there are more photo's on it)- we also photograph weddings as sub-contractors for friends of ours. Scott and Aimee have their own business photographing high school seniors and events, but hate doing weddings. They know how good Bari is, they pay well enough, and so we go and photograph for them.

This couple both (not always at the same time) worked for an LDS family business. Unfortunately, the LDS family were not very good manager/owners which is why Scott and Aimee both eventually left the company. The LDS couple were very difficult to get along with, micromanaging the business and undermining accomplishments of the staff. The office was always very on edge about every little detail that could possibly go wrong, because that would trigger unpleasant consequences from the LDS bosses. (I am being gentle in portraying the LDS family- really). The LDS family was very active in their ward. He would go on Scout campouts, and serve in the Bishopric and on the High Council. She served in Stake capacities. They would take an afternoon off and 'go to the temple' about once a month. Most of the time, the mood in the office would be better when they returned from their temple date.
Scott and Aimee were not an active religious couple when they worked for the LDS couple. In fact, they were quite amused by the hypocracy they saw coming from the LDS family.

We speed up in time 2 years. Scott and Aimee now have their own fledgling company. They took us out to eat after the wedding reception on Saturday and we visited over dinner for over an hour. Scott told us that when they get overwhelmed or stressed about the business, the go on a 'Temple Day'. They actually call it a Temple Day, too. They get into their Jeep, take off into the countryside, find a beautiful calm spot in nature, put in a favorite Christian CD and 'talk' to God. They said it was kind of like praying. (It was EXACTLY like praying!). They express their needs, concerns, and frustrations, and ask for help (!). Aimee said that almost immediately, they will receive what they need to meet their bills, not more than they need at the moment, but just enough to relieve the stress. It was amazing. I never would have seen this couple as looking for spiritual experiences for help.

What REALLY gets to me is that - no matter how (seemingly) awful the example of the LDS couple was, Scott and Aimee gleaned the ONE thing that they needed to become more spiritual as a couple and family. I just can't get over that.

I can't figure out what this means. Does it mean that if (as LDS) we do 'everything right' - go to church, hold callings, pay tithing, attend the temple,----that if we do all that- no matter what bad -horrid- example we set- we'll still somehow also - - - what?- - - help ?

I don't get it.