Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gotta D-A-N-C-E . . . . .

Ok, I know we aren't supposed to brag, but it is my blog, so if you don't want to read it- - then don't.
Madeline had Competition tryouts for next year's team. Last year she was on the Junior team and loved it. She really wanted to make the Senior team, or be allowed to perform a duet or trio next year. Well, the studio has changed a few things for next year, including the addition of an Elite Squad for Jr Jazz/Tap and Sr Jazz/tap. In a performance, if there is a special role to be danced the performer will be selected from the Elite team. Also, duets trios and other special dances will be made up of elite dancers. So tonight Madeline did her try out and made the Jr team again. The judges did not select an elite team for the Jr Tap, and only 3 members for the Senior Tap squad for elite. In Jazz, there were 2 members from the Senior team selected, and ONE member from the Jr team. Yep, Madeline was the only Jr team member to be chosen to be an Elite team dancer and that was for Jazz.