Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Calling all Bloggers.......

Help, This is taking every ounce of humility I have left.

HELP- - - -

I need a Prayer/Exercise Buddy- someone (or more than one- I need lots of help!)- someone I can e-mail everyday. I will go weeks (this is the humble-pie part) without thinking of my personal prayers or my exercise commitment.

Does this make sense? I remember I need to e-mail a friend, I will remember to keep to my challenge of prayer, scripture study, and exercise. The responsibility of 'reporting' also helps.

So, any takers out there? I'll warn you, I'm an exellent excuse giver!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wedding pics- better late than never...

Well, we've had Katy's pics online for a week or more. There are 2 sites you can check out if you want. The first has all the pics from the wedding day. Sorry- if I was more computer savvy, I'd be able to link you right up- but I can't. So, here's the site and instructions- -

Collages.net - go to View an Event - User name - Katy and Josh Colonel
Password is- 20074

The other site has a book we designed for my Mom. It has more of Katy's family than Josh's (remember, it's for Katy's Grandma). I thought it turned out really pretty.

My Publisher.com - Click on My Bookshelf (at the top of the homepage)
The ID-or Order ID is - M755722
Password is - 1242239

All right, I feel better now. Enjoy!