Friday, June 20, 2008

What's new

I guess I haven't blogged in a while, so I thought I'd record a few things that are going on in our lives so far this summer.

Tonight is the rehearsal for Madeline's recital tomorrow. She has to be downtown at the Aronoff by 4 this afternoon. Bari is taking her because he has become the official recital photographer for the studio. I was looking forward to going because this is the first year I won't be a Back stage helper. This year I am free to watch all the performances. I like the rehearsals because it is so chaotic. Now, this is not normal for me. If you recall, I don't like going to the Christmas party because of the chaos. Who knows why I can deal with one and not the other. Anyway, I'm blogging partly because I am trying to keep busy since I don't have to get ready. Soooo- Madeline has 5 dances this year (oh, I wasn't going to start with Madeline- - - -pardon me as I switch family news to another member). - - - Bari is shooting this event tonight and tomorrow night. He is also working tomorrow(regular job) until noon, and then helping another friend-photographer with his event. THEN he'll meet us downtown. Bari is deep in Senior portrait season. It can be a bear, but the kids are fun most of the time. He sometimes thinks his bosses are pushing him out of the studio and that they will let him go in the fall. Besides all the financial challenges, I can't say I hate the idea. Anyway, he's holding his own for now.

I'm getting a lot of 'how's Katy?' She and Josh are doing well. If you haven't heard, they have a new puppy, a Yorkie named Chewie (like Chewbaka in the Star Wars). Katy only calls 3 or 4 times a day. Sometimes it is work, sometimes a manners question (do I need to send Uncle Randy a Thank You if he sent a card and no gift?), mother-in-law venting (her's -not mine), and my very favorite- . She'll tell me something Josh did 'just to help' that really wasn't any help at all. Yes, we all love our husbands when they 'think' they are helping. Anyway, all is good as rain (?) (what is the saying?. Katy is happy and that is all that counts.

Not many of you know my son Joey. He is 21, just 2 years younger than Katy. Joey gets himself into trouble now and then. And, he makes poor choices most of the time. The worst of his choices lately is his ex-girlfriend. I won't get into details, but just so you know my weeks aren't all fun and games (ha) - I'll let you know that last week, Wednesday was his trial. He and his ex had a fight (not physical, but she said menacing). After weeks of pre-court dates, it finally came down to this, Joey is on probation for 2 years. During this time he cannot speak, text, call, or send messages through a 3rd party to her. He will have random drug/alcohol testing, alcohol/drug counseling, anger management classes and have to report to a probation officer. The judge looked at Joey's prior record (not good-not terrible) and told Joey that he needed someone to check in with and report to. I was sooooo happy to hear this. Joey needs to be accountable to SOMEONE, and he won't talk to his dad or to Bari. I was also happy with the anger management classes. I hope he really learns something from this. Now, if he breaks his probation, he would have to serve all the jail time he has avoided until now. That could mean a year in jail. On a positive note, he called today and said he had met with his probation officer, and she seemed nice and reasonable. If he checks in regularly in the next couple of months, and starts taking his classes, she'll only want to see him every 3 months. I want her to see him every week, but I guess that isn't possible. Soooo that is the Joey story. I have always worried the most about him. My prayers are always with him.

Bari Ray, boy is he happy school is out for the summer. He has his summer reading to do, and has already started on it. Infact, the kids have a mandatory 1 hour reading session every morning this summer. So far (3 weeks into summer) it has been very successful. I hope I can keep on top of it. Next week is Boy Scout Camp. He is looking forward to the new camp. Sometime this summer is will probably try to make a trip to Tenn to see grandparents, but we'll see how that goes. He is thinking about the Air Force, and a Mission. I'm proud of his choices. When I get frustrated, it is because he is acting like a typical 16 year-old boy, and not the cute, happy, wanting-to-please kid I've come to know and love.

Like I said earlier, Madeline is at her rehearsal tonight. She has 5 dances, ballet (it is beautiful!), tap small group (dr's and nurses routine), tap large group (Undead, zombies routine), jazz small group (shimmy-shimmy, fringe and all), jazz large group (disco fever, yellow shiny bell bottom hip hugger pants). I've seen all the routines at competitions except the ballet. There is no sign of stopping or slowing down next year either. She wants to add a lyrical class, and a duet or trio. Last Sunday she had a small performance. It was for students who wanted to create their own dance and then perform it. Madeline choreographed a lyrical dance for 3 friends and herself. The parents and other teachers were really impressed with what they had come up with. It was beautiful and sophisticated. This summer she has 3 one hour workshops, a 4 day (all day) dance camp, and a competition performance in Gatilinburg. I guess she dances pretty much all year round. I don't want her to get burned out, but it is really hard to stop her when she wants to do this, and does it so very well. She, also will (maybe) take a trip to see family in Tenn, but it will really depend on her schedule.

My sweet Sammy. He had a pretty busy couple of weeks. Today was his last day of his Summer Reading Program. It was only 2 hours a day, and he love it. He wants to do it again next year (funding is only for 3rd - going into-4th graders). It kept him busy, he felt like he had something to do too (like his bro and sis). I wish the class was closer to the end of summer, as a refresher before school starts again. Well, they didn't ask me, did they? Last Friday Sam had his first appointment at Children's Hosp. for his Autism assessment. We met with a really nice doctor who asked a lot of questions and told Sam he wouldn't have any shots that day. Sam said he had prayed for that (and indeed he had! the night before, it was Sam's turn for family prayer, and he added "please help me have a good day at the Dr's tomorrow, and no shots." Don't you love that?
Anyway, the Dr is sending Sam to see a Speech Pathologist, and a Psychologist. Unfortunately, the next appointments are not until November. I have to keep calling to find a cancellation. After the next appointments, we'll meet with the Dr again, and make some kind of assessment on his behavior. Hang tight, this is just the beginning.

So, between dance, dr's, judges, brides, husbands, kids, and my regular job, life just gets better and better. So, how can I summarize this ? I do love my life. I love my family. Everytime I'm at a wedding and they pronounce the bride and groom married until death I cringe, and then say a prayer of thankfulness that I do have the gospel, and the temple, and a loving, adoring husband who is my husband FOREVER. Could my life be better? I don't know, it would help if we were a little more financially stable. It could be better if Bari had more time to spend with us. We do alright. Yes, life is good. I am thankful.