Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a day off- well, not really. . . . . .

I've been spending this morning reading everyone's blogs. I tried to take a nap first. That didn't happen. Now, all of you young mom's with little ones still at home. You know who you are, you're thinking it will all be wonderful when your kids go off to school, or (even better) married and out of the house. You can do what ever you want- - even TAKE an nap! Well - hold on a minute- Yes, my kids are all out of the house for school or whatever. So, what happens? I'm all curled up with the cats, thinking happy thoughts, and I get a call from Katy. She knew I was home today, but never in a million years would have thought I'd be TAKING A NAP- I just don't do those kinds of things. (and there is a reason why- - - ). So, I finish my conversation with her, settle back in with the cats, and the phone rings again. Joey. I hadn't heard from Joey for at least a week. I promised myself that I wouldn't panic this time. But I did want to answer the call. We spoke for a little while, and when we were finished, I just decided that I had better get up and get MOOVIN' - cause, I wasn't getting anything done just lying around. Hmmmm.

So, Joey's news. He has put in some of his Community service time, but not all. And he hadn't made a new appointment with his councilor at the Alcoholism Council yet. He has a court date on the 8th, and he said he just wanted to go to jail, pay his debt and try to come out clean and ready for a new start. I told him I would support him in what ever he decided. I know this sounds terrible, (no Mother of the Year AGAIN!!)- but I'll be relieved and less stressed if he goes to jail. I worry every time I hear of any crime, robberies, shootings, accidents in Clermont Co. At least I'll know where he is. I am also aware that it is likely that he will come out with even more information on drugs and crime, than when he went in. It is, and always has been his choice on what to do in any situation. Including this one. So, I'll update after the 8th on Joey and the courts decision.

I've spent the morning not only going through blogs- - -I miss the Apple Festival EVERY darn year!!!! My grandpa had an apple farm, I'd love to go to the festival sometime.

Anyway, I was looking up suggestions for Baptism talks on line, and got a couple of good ideas. Jackson is being baptized after conference this Sunday. Bari and I will be speaking. I'm looking forward to it. He is such a cutie.

Now, I'm heating the oven for lunch, I've already made plans for dinner, and when I'm done (eating- and blogging)- I HAVE to clean my front closet. It is total disaster- so much so, that I don't trust the kids to do it. And I need to clean under the fish tank, where all the games are stored.

SOOOO- that is my day off- no wedding production today (although Bari signed 2 new wedding contracts this week- for October and November weddings!!)- so, I am cleaning and working around the house.

Does this still mean it is my day off???

OOOOOOOhhhhhhh my gosh, I almost forgot to update on the whole work issue. Yesterday Bruce came to my store and told me about the meeting he had with Marty. It was pretty much what I thought. Marty is all business, and business is not good. Also, Marty is all about keeping an even playing field, if I get 4 weeks, there should be others who get 4 weeks. (I figured all this out too), AND- - - if I'm only working 30 hours (or less) I've become part time, and the part time people don't even get vacation. Oops. Actually - I thought of that too, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from asking. Now. I might loose all of my paid vacation next year. We'll see. I have a plan for that, too. Anyway, Bruce was able to negotiate 3 payed days for me. That was a lot more than I expected. That Bruce, he's a good guy.

THEN- -- Bruce told me a funny story. Bruce went to his office Sunday to do a little work, and he saw an Email from Corporate Fastframe. It said, 'you should read this'. Well, to make a long story short, he opened the attachment, and low and behold, it was MY BLOG! Bruce didn't know what it was at first, and had to figure it all out, but what happened, is that the company (this is common practice) does Internet searched to find their names associated to dialog about their products, etc. Blogspot is a public domain, so there weren't any blocks, and Fastframe picked up on it. Well, like I said, he read it and then told his wife, that what I had written was almost word perfect of what I had told him at out meeting. I guess, if anything, my integrity was intact after all of this. Weird, isn't it? Starts making you think of Big Brother (no, not the tv show). Well, anyway, I'm off to Tri-County with a much better attitude, and enthusiasm. Oh, I did ask Bruce if he read the comments, because they were really good. He didn't answer, too bad. I wonder if corporate will send him this one, too. Fastframe-- -Fastframe- - - - Fastframe!!!!!