Saturday, September 27, 2008

the Job ........ Part II

So, after much debate with Bari and all the little voices in my head I made some interesting discoveries.
1. My job is flexable - - -FLEXABLE- -- - I can leave for a couple of hours in the middle of the day (under certain conditions) and not be repremanded, or fired.

2. Money is not the most important thing. This was a BIG suprize (especially with Madeline's 10 (TEN) dance classes this year).

3. Spending time with my family is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

4. The ability to schedule my work around weddings and wedding meetings is SECOND in importance to me right now.

5. All the confusion came into the picture after the job interview. I wasn't really happy about leaving Kenwood, but I certainly wasn't confused about it.

With all that figured out. (Thank you for all the support, I know I was a little testy about it, but I really did appreciate it). Anyway, with all that figured out, I met with my boss on Friday. I was working alone, so it was really easy to call him and ask him to stop by. The conversation was pretty simple. I told him I had the opportunity to leave Fastframe and take a framing position with another company. That I felt that even though I made scheduling difficult for him sometimes, I did take my responciblilites seriously, would go back to work late at night after the kids were in bed if need be. I have always been the Senior framer, taking on the most complicated pieces and giving advice to the other framers if they got in trouble with their projects. I also told Bruce that I knew he had been loyal to me through the years, allowing me to take extra days off if needed, and changing my schedule to accomidate the kids activities.

Most of all, I told him that I was just going to be honest and not play games concerning this job offer. I said that I always was straight forward with what I needed and expected the same from him. If I ask for a bonus, then I expect that request taken seriously, and that he would do his best to fight for me when he relayed this to his boss. I also said that if he - after taking my request to the owner- came back and said that it just wasn't possible, I would trust him to be truthful.

We had quite a talk. Bruce went on for a while about why none of us had gotten raises, etc. I expected this. I told him it wasn't about the money. What I really wanted was another week of paid vacation. It would be such a benefit to be able to take off more time and not lose pay over it. It's not like I stay home and watch soaps when I'm off. Usually I'm helping Katy or Joey with their appointments and meetings.

Anyway, Bruce said that he would talk to Marty about it. That's all I can ask.

I'm not going to Deck the Walls. I'm going to Tri-County, even if I don't get the extra week. If the kids that are at home were older, or out of the house. I would take the offer. But right now, I need the flexability more than anything else. I doubt if the new job could offer that, and I would feel terrible (and stressed) if there was a problem and had to leave during my shift. I'm going to call him Monday and thank him for his time and consideration, but I'm staying.

I feel calm again.
That's a good sign.

Friday, September 26, 2008

When do I not have news?

So, I have exhausted myself whining and moaning about the change in storefronts. I tried to really look at the positive. I even got really tired of everyone telling me to look for the positive. Then, the very next day - in the morning - something really weird happened.

I was back at work. It was really slow so my assistant for the day, Lynne, and I were examining all points and pieces of my upcoming move, when the front door bell rang. I went out front and met the man who had come in the door. He immediately told me that he wasn't a customer, and I immediately thought, 'well, he must be a vendor'. I was wrong. He introduced himself as Ken, the owner of the Deck the Walls store, just down the road from me. Hmmmmm. This was odd, very odd. We spoke for a while about the stores and the economy. Then Ken said that he was looking for more help in his store, and if I knew any one who FRAMES and would be interested, to give him a call. Well, we had a little discussion. I told him I was supposed to change stores, and that I might be interested, but I had a specific schedule that was hard to work around. I told him what it was- 9 to 3 every day, No Sundays, 1-2 Saturdays a month. He said I should call him, that wasn't a deal breaker, and that we should talk. I spoke with Bari a little later that day and set up an interview with Ken for Thursday (my day off).

So, today I met with Ken again. We went through all my history, framing experience, expectations and all the questions I had. Then he said he would look over the schedule, and see if it would work out. He wanted another interview with me. It all looked really good. The money is better, but the way the pay system is set up, it is a little confusing. There seem to be quite a few opportunities for bonus money and extras through incentive programs implemented each month. I'd only have 1 week of vacation the first year, 2 the second, and 3 after 5 years. Nothing really seemed negotiable. But, it was a positive meeting.

All afternoon I thought about both stores and how I would fit in. The differences and what I really need. After all of the debate, and even though I haven't seen a raise - ever, I am leaning toward staying with Fastfame. There is really only one reason to stay and that is because Bruce is really very flexible. He knows my family, and any challenges I would have. I can only assume the new store wouldn't be as easy going, at least for the first year. I don't know how much money it would take for me to overcome the flexibility issue.

So, I thinking I'm going to talk to my boss, tell him I've been approached about another job, but let him know that all I really want from Fastframe would be another week of vacation.

Now I'm worried that I'd be letting an opportunity that literally knocked on my door- go.

Well, it's not over yet. They say that when a door closes, a window opens. In this case, a door closed, and another door opened, and if that one closes, we'll see what else makes it's way in the room. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-- - - - Why can't my choices be easy and obvious?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little bump in my road---------

Well, today I had a little bump in my road of life. No, it wasn't about Joey and his whole thing. No, it wasn't about Katy and her life with husband, baby-on-the-way, new house and job. No, it wasn't about Bari Ray and teen age angst. No, it wasn't about Madeline, dance - dance - and more dance, dance class, dance teachers or dance mom's. It wasn't even about Sammy and his school, Webelo, Nintendo DS filled life. Nope. This was a little bump, all for me.

I am moving stores. My boss, Bruce, took me to Panera for a 'little meeting' - - - - -never a good thing. And told me he would like me to move to the Tri-county, Kemper Rd store. I surprised myself and didn't cry. I've been in my store for over 5 years. I've worked with Pam for 5 years. I know my customers, we get fun people from the radio station, and the Bengals and all sorts of really fun stuff. Did I say it was fun stuff? Yes, all fun stuff for me to be creative and frame.

Bruce wants me to move so he can accommodate my schedule. I will still be able to go to work at 9 and leave at 3. He needs to put a full time person in the Kenwood store. I understand that. I was waiting for that. But I didn't think that meant I would be leaving. My store. That's fun. It's a fun store. Where I can do creative things.

Tri-county Kemper does a lot - - - - A LOT- - - - of commercial (boring commercial) framing for (boring) commercial designer and corporate clients. Did I say boring ? What I really meant was- - -- - -B-O-R-I-N-GGGGGGGGG stuff. It is busy, I don't mind that, but it doesn't have the residential client that I'm used to. Ugh.

So, I have a bump, not a pot hole, or a flashing Red four-way Stop, just a bump. The commute should be better (I wonder if I can take the bus?)- and -- - -he didn't fire me. Bruce could have said that he couldn't accommodate my schedule, and just let me go, but he didn't. He found a better solution. So, there you go. Bari isn't even home from work yet, and I'm working through my therapy/blogging session quite nicely, don't you think?

Oh, and he wants me to move next week.