Sunday, March 8, 2009

Grammie's Brag Book, Volume I

Welcome William Drake Colonel

Josh took this in the nursery -

Bari took this with available window light.

Look at the hair!!!

The proud new Grammie with the brand new boy!

The new parents - 'it's only just begun !'

I'll attempt to post pics today. If I am successful, this is Volume I of Grammie's Brag Book.

I went to the hospital Saturday morning- Katy and Josh had a really trying night. I wasn't going to go until later that evening- but the poor kids were exhausted. I stayed until about 10:30 and then spent the rest of the day doing the 'dance mom' thing with Madeline. I have a couple of pics of her in current dance costumes I'll try to download too. Well, when I download the pics- they always turn up at the top of the page and I can't seem to move them. So- another blog on Madeline's dance another time.

She had a small performance in Reading at the Country Club there, and then we ran back to the studio for mock competition. It lasted until about 6. I went back to the hospital at 8pm and decided that I should encourage Josh to go home for the night, and I'd stay with Katy.
It wasn't too bad. I'm just not used to running on such little sleep. I got back to the house at about 9:30am and took a nap until 12:30pm. When I got up there was a little 'display' of cards, ice cream (a pint of Graeters) and red roses. It was really cute. (Happy Birthday to me).

So, I need to catch up on a little laundry- and then it is an early night tonight for me.

Oh, Katy just called, and she will be released tonight, but will let her stay in a 'family room' so she can keep nursing. Will is not going to be released tonight as far as I can tell.

I'll keep updating as we go along - - - - - Thanks for all of your wonderful thoughts and prayers.