Friday, April 16, 2010


 Katy had the amnio this afternoon. I wasn't able to be with her. Afterword she told the dr that she 'deserved Chipotle'. And he bought her dinner (with Guacamole !). Now it is a waiting game for the results.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

new Katy and baby news....kind of

So, I just glanced at my last blog, and I was right. It was about a month and Katy was admitted to University Hospital. We went to her Dr appt on Monday and after looking at her sonograms, they sent her to the hospital for amniocentesis. As of Thursday morning, they haven't yet performed the test. There is a good chance that she will now be there until the babies are born. We will know more after the test. Her room #3227. Call her room instead of her cell (if you have it) if you want to chat. She is worried about her minutes on the cell.
  I have been able to visit every night for about an hour. If there is anything positive about this stay, it is that she is only about 25 minutes from me instead of the 50 if she were at Anderson.
  So, briefly, baby A isn't growing well, and there are abnormalities in the head. B is ok, but is something happens to A it will affect B also.
  I will try to post again tonight./