Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What goes up.........

Monday afternoon I was on my bed doing a little reading, just trying to relax a little. I could hear the local High School band through one window, and the next door neighbor (5th Grader) practicing his Clarinet through the bathroom window. It was just a little 'home-towny' for me. I love that stuff.
Monday was my first day at the Tri-county store. It was fine. I worked with my boss and finished framing about 15 pieces for one of the designers. Good thing I already know how to frame. So far, the hardest part is standing on concrete all day. There are some rubber mats by the framing tables, but it is still hard on my feet. The other challenge is taking a break for lunch. I'm spoiled, and used to getting my stool to sit on and my book and having a few minutes to eat and a little down time. Rose (who I work with every day except Mondays) stands by the microwave and eats her lunch in about 10 minutes. Hmmmmmmmmmmm- I'll have to make some kind of compromise. Other than that, it is ok. There really is always lots to do. I have learned how to use their frame joiner (it is different than the machine in Kenwood), and today I used the Wizard mat cutter for the first time. It will be fun to experiment with different types of openings. It will get better. It's not so bad.

Katy had a really good Dr's appointment. I can't remember everything he said, but she had gained weight, and looked fine.

Joey had his Court date today. The judge asked him if he wanted to postpone the hearing so he could get a Public Defender, but Joey said no. I got a call from one of his friends, because he didn't want me to go. Anyway, Joey just wanted to get all of this over with, so he didn't defend himself, and basically wanted to go to jail. He wants to start fresh when he comes out, without any probation, or meetings, or anything. In fact, he wants to move away from Cincinnati.
He spent a few minutes with Katy last night, and was really sorry he wouldn't be around when the baby is born. He really likes kids, and is looking forward to being an uncle for the first time. Katy said he patted her belly at least twice (she isn't t-h-a-t big yet)- and gave her 3 giant bear hugs. She said he didn't do that after she got back from Russia! It breaks my heart that he has made such bad choices, and that he will miss so much. But I want him to take responsibility, and this is one way he can.

I'm adding a little more to this post. I spoke with Joey tonight. He is in the Clermont Co. Jail. He was sentenced to 179 days. He kept saying, 'Mom, my release date is 4-4-09. My release date is 4-4-09.' Yep, that is a long way off, 6 months or so. He has a lot of time to do some serious thinking about his future, and what he needs to accomplish in his life. Katy is trying to get in contact with the Bishop in that area, so he can visit Joey. It seems like right now he really needs a support group that will help him gain back the self esteem he has lost through this whole awful relationship and unbelievably poor choice of friends and money. It will be a long road to the end of this incarceration. We'll see what happens.

I need a little Alone Time- - - and Ice Cream . . . . .