Wednesday, December 10, 2008

News flash- -

Hey Ya'll- just a quick blog of upcoming news and information.

Some of you wanted to be told when we had positive information on Josh's baptism. Katy called tonight with the exact time (I had the date, but not time). The baptism will be in the Clough Pike building, Cherry Grove Ward at 5 pm next Sunday. (It's really on Ferguson Rd if you want to Google it). His Confirmation will be the following Sunday during church (which is also at 9am). Bari and I will be speaking at the baptism (come anyway). I don't know who will perform the baptism or the confirmation. As luck would have it, her dad and step mom will probably be visiting that Sunday, too.

Time for bed- it's Christmas and time for 12 hour days-no day's off (except Sunday- when I'm giving a talk-and teaching the class-and something else, I'm sure).