Wednesday, February 13, 2008

coming soon------

Bari is working on an actual web site for our wedding/design business. Check out : and watch for changes in the coming weeks!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aunt Katie passed away this morning

My Mom called me today and told me that my Great Aunt Katie (my Dad's only living sister) died this morning. As a child, she was my favorite Aunt. I even named my daughter after her.

Aunt Katie was quite ill the last couple of years of her life. I went to see her last February when my sister was here visiting. My aunt lived most of her life in Richmond, Kentucky.

I've told the story before of how my Grandpa had 'visited' my Grandma just before she died. I was only 3 when my Dad's father passed away. I have few memories of him. But I had quite a loving and long relationship with my Grandmother. I was named after her. She lived in a double house in Richmond with my aunt Katie and Katie's only daughter Sandra. On the opposite side of the house lived Jane, who had become friends with my Aunt. My grandmother never really liked Jane, but Jane would sometimes (more often as Grannie got older) check on my Grandmother when my aunt was at work. My Grandma (Grannie) was ailing for quite a while, and one day Jane stopped by to see her. Grannie was looking at the foot of her bed and talking. Jane asked who she was talking to, and Grannie said," I'm talking to Papa, and he's telling me what to bring". (Who knew you could take something with you!) and then she proceeded to tell Jane how much she appreciated all she had done for Aunt Katie. Soooo, we figured out that she was taking gratitude and good relationships with her.

Now, back to Aunt Katie. A couple of days ago she was having lots of conversations with people who had passed away before her. She mentioned all of her brothers (including my dad) and her sister Mimi. She even said,"Mimi, make me something to eat." They must have been getting ready for her. Then the best statement of all, she said, "Daddy's at the bottom of the hill waiting for me". The veil can be very thin at times.