Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sorry I haven't updated for a while. It's stupid, but I don't like to blog unless I'm the only one at home. Everything just gets too confusing if the kids are at home, and somehow, Bari has tonz to talk to me about at the same time if he's home. So, it is just the Sam-boy home with me this afternoon.

He had another appointment at Children's this morning. It was with the Psychologist. They met for about an hour and a half, had a little break and then met again for another hour or more. All of this was to help assess if Sam has Autism. I met with Dr Mack after Sam was done. Dr Mack didn't have the Speech assessments, but from his testing today, he saw little or no indication of Autism. He did say Sam is a 'very interesting child'. Yes, I agree. But everything that was an indicator of some challenge, could be directed to his ADD, and not Autism. He is recommending Educational testing, he thinks Sam has learning disabilities of some kind. This also can be attributed to the ADD. We have the final meeting in early January where all of the information is in one report, and recommendations are made at that time.

More news. Joey is home with us. He came home the day before Thanksgiving, when the rest of us were up North (aka: The Great White North) with my mom. I had mixed feelings when he was released. The judge originally said that Joey wouldn't get any more 'chances' - he had to make restitution for everything up to that moment in court- the 180 days and all that. Now, the same judge said, 'well, I don't ever do this but........I'll let you out, but you have to still full fill the probation requirements you had originally.' I'm afraid that Joey will never learn that he has to finish anything-----. He always seems to get away with something. Well, on the bright side, he got out Wednesday, spent the weekend between our house and his girlfriends, and went to church with Katy on Sunday. Monday had an appointment with his probation officer, filled out job applications, and today went on an interview and was hired at a factory near Middletown. Unfortunately, he goes in at 3:30 pm and works till 1am. He Can't Drive. So, what do I do? He is really trying hard to get a legit job, and there isn't much out there. So, do I drive him and make my husband not-so-happy (it's unfair to say Bari would be mad-), or do I not drive Joey, and make him try to find something else-and look like I'm not supporting him the whole time. Just because he gets this doesn't mean he has to stay if something else better comes along. And it also doesn't mean he will always have those hours. Although, if you have any idea of my schedule, those are probably the only hours I could take him somewhere. Anyway, I have to admit, that although it is really hard to have him at my house, it does seem like things may be getting a little better for him. The road is long in his case, but right now, he really seems to be trying to do the right things to move forward in his life.

Katy is feeling well, Joey even felt the little guy moving around. She is a cute little-momma-to-be. Josh is laid off for at least a month. They were doing ok with it all until there were problems with the heath insurance coverage. Because of all the specialists that she sees, it is a major concern. They are counseling with their bishop, and he is helping them through this. It is nice to know that she has a good relationship with him and can go to see him for whatever council she needs. Josh has been taking the discussions with the Missionaries, and has a tentative baptism date of Dec 15. They seem to be happy together, even with such big trials so early in their marriage.

I know I have some kind of other news, but I'm tired, and my brain is mush. Oh, and Sam has come into the kitchen and wants my attention- what did I say about writing ALONE in the house?

My job is ok. Busy isn't even the word for it. Being 'caught up' with my projects is impossible, there is always something more to do for someone. Both of the designers we work with are placing big orders that they need next week, and then one of the other stores took a large commercial order for the University of Phoenix. Along with the frames and mats we cut daily for the other stores, and our own orders. At least now, we can send the big framing orders to the Fab Frames Montgomery store and let them cut and join, we'll mount, glass and finish-fit. It really helps. There is a Christmas party at the new owners house in a couple of weeks, it should be interesting. This week is Bari's Christmas party. There just isn't enough time (another reason I haven't blogged). And the reason I need to go---- love you all!!!!!

ps---to my favorite Gordonfan- I will address your tag another day- (sometime soon I promise)- and I think Chelle tagged me too- - - -Sorry!!!!