Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February . . . . . . WHAT?

Holy Cow, it is February 22. Somehow I have missed almost the whole month. Then again, my weeks are almost always the same. Work, home, kids, work, home, kids, work, bridal shows, kids, home, engagement shoots, home, work - - -kids. That pretty much catches me up with everything.

I am getting over a pretty rotten cold (thank heavens- and thanks to the RS sisters who put up with it while I taught my class a couple of weeks ago). Bari has the sniffles, so that's never good (he should try Menopause some time- now that's a character builder!).

The kids are all doing well. Sam has his ups and downs. I can't always predict when things are going well with him. We met with his teachers a couple of weeks ago, but I'm not sure anything has really changed.

  Madeline is getting ready for Mock Competition this weekend. It is a performance night at the studio in full costume/make-up. There are judges who rate each dance to help with any last minute changes before the first competition.  She has 6 competition dances, and 11or 12 for Recital in the spring.

 Weekend before last, my brother and his son were in town for college meetings at UC. Ben has been accepted into the DAP program there. We were lucky enough to have dinner with them that Friday night. They live in Boston (Cambridge really), so we don't see each other as often as we would like. The next morning (Saturday) they headed up to Moms for a short visit. It was great to see them.  The Tuesday they were back in Mass. he called me. Randy hadn't been feeling well during the trip, and even before he had left for the weekend, his Dr had ordered a Scan, thinking Randy had some kind of blockage. But he called to tell me that it wasn't a blockage as we had hoped, he has Stage 3 or 4 Colon Cancer. He will be having surgery soon, followed by chemo. I am in shock. The whole family is.

  What can I say? Life is short. Be kind. Be grateful. Be generous with your talents. Teach love. Teach tolerance. Be at peace with your life and the choices you have made. Be forgiving. Forgive others and forgive YOURSELF.