Friday, May 9, 2008

Only have a minute- - -

I only have a minute or 2 before everyone gets home from school and the weekend begins.

The Wedding. So sorry I'm inept at the computer. The wedding pics are BIG and I mean B-I-G files and I don't know how to make them smaller. When Bari gets time to teach me, or just does it for me (!), I'll post all the beautiful portraits of the bride. The wedding was beautiful. The day was spectacular. Everyone behaved themselves. It was a nice, pretty, low-key, conservative, Prodestant wedding. The cake was really good. I questioned their choice of Carrot Cake, but it was delectable. They had a chocolate fountain that was a hit. I never got over to it, but the guests who did seemed to enjoy it. It took me until about Wednesday before I felt recovered.

On to the rest of the family. A week ago Sam's Cubs put on a magic show. It was really cute. I have to admit that I really don't like going to events where I don't know too many people (sometimes even places I do know most everyone there-) anyway. I wasn't looking forward to it, but wanted to support Sammy and the Cubs. I was so glad I did. It was sooooo cute. Each boy stood up and presented a trick he had learned. I can't even describe how fun it was. The boys were a hoot. I have to put in a big THANK YOU and HUGS to the Sisters who run our Cub program. They are terrific. Sammy really loves to go.

Madeline has a dance competition this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Yes. Mothers Day. That's ok, I'm a low maintenence mom. I just want someone else to do all the cooking on that day. This is the closest competition to home, so if anyone is looking for cheap entertainment, it's free. It would probably be a bit boring, too. Anyway. That is what is coming up.

You have all noticed that I have (finally) figured out how to add a pic to my blog title, but now I need to learn how to make it SMALLER ! Again, the file is probably huge!

Work is pretty good. While I was out on Wedding-Leave, one of my favorite Bengal's players dropped off more things for me to frame for him. That was kind of a bummer because he is such a cutie, 390lbs, 6'6''- just one big Teddy Bear! He picked up his stuff Wednesday and I wasn't there Again! I still have another jersey to frame for him, so I'll get another chance in a week or so to see him. I am also framing 2 shadowboxes full of stuff for Marvin Lewis. They are all full of football and lacrosse items of his son Marcus. Marcus is graduating this year. They want them for the graduation parties. Oh, and the week before the wedding I framed up a really nice piece for Shayne Graham (the kicker for the Bengals) as a gift for his mother. It was really sweet.

Enough of that- -- I need to start to check on all of the dance stuff for this weekend !!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!! to all the Great women I know -